Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day at the Hospital

Mom and I spent practically the whole day at the hospital (National Kidney and Transplant Institute) today.

First were blood tests and urinalysis.

Then, brunch at the canteen. I ate kardereta, rice, buko juice and cassava cake.

We waited for the two doctors - my internist and hematologist. While waiting, I chatted with another patient. I prayed the rosary. I read Kerygma magazine. I wrote a proposal. I reviewed an FGD guide. That is what I call productive waiting.

The results were good and bad. My lipid profile is good, creatinine is good, platelet count is normal. But my blood sugar is high, cholesterol is high, and I have UTI. So there were changes in medication.

Back home, more work was waiting for me. So, it's a working evening for me.

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