Saturday, October 29, 2011

Too Much Pain to Sleep

I can barely sleep. My chest and back hurts so much! Sorry for bothering you with these "complaints".

But I can't help it. This blog is not all sugar and spice and everything nice. I have to show my human side, too.

Let me describe my condition...

...since my thoracic cage has collapsed, I feel a stabbing pain in my chest constantly; I find it painful to lie down and get up from bed back (including buttocks) hurts that I have difficulty standing or sitting or walking

...I have to raise my hands slowly when I dress up, that stabbing pain again

Okay, that's enough. I ask only for your prayers. There is a reason for everything. Whatever purpose there is to all these, I trust it is for God's greater glory.

Bye for now.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Down Memory Lane

My friend, Andy, posted photos of our barkada (gang) named Kappa Pi Pi fraternity [The girls were named NPN for "napagod na" sa "kapapaypay" hehe). Andy labeled the album "Photos of Nimia" which he borrowed from Olan. Last night, Olan texted me, "Hi nim. Have u seen d old kpp pics that andy posted on facebook? Some of those came from your album, which I scanned a long time ago. Andy kasi asked for a copy...ok lng b with u that he posted them on fb?

I answered, "Ok n ok. I lukd pretty n all f dem hehe."

And Olan said,"Cool! For a while, I got worried you wud mind...andy kasi, I told him not to post basta basta...yes, you wer pretty..."

Okay, so let's go down in memory lane (college years):

Here was how I looked back then.

In A.S....

Here, I was beside one of my boyfriends (partially covered):

Another boyfriend...

At a beach in Matabungkay.

A series of pictures of a "surprise" birthday party for me. How sweet!

Fina's debut...

At a party held in Fina's house.

Another party...

This is Olan, one of my closest, dearest friends. He is one of my son's ninongs (godfathers),
So, what's your verdict? Alas! My pretty days are long gone! (But at least, I don't feel ugly.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Allergies and Work

My doctor prescribed Augmentin. I took it but began itching. I looked up Augmentin in the Internet and true enough, it contains Amoxycillin, the antibiotic I am allergic to. My doctor immediately texted me to tell me to discontinue taking Augmentin then prescribed three other medicines which serve as anti-allergy.

I am still not through with one of my reports because the data are not yet all in. Then for the other one, I am expected to write the report in 3 days's time. I can only laugh.

Yesterday, I spent quite some time contacting research agencies to quote for two studies to be conducted here in the Philippines. But it seems the timelines are impossible.

Boy, why do clients require deliverables "yesterday"? I can only laugh!

Tomorrow, we will be back to the hospital for my velcade treatment. My son had to take the day-off as he will assist me pushing my wheelchair, paying, etc. Mom is going with us since she has to go for her rehabilitation session.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Purpose of Pain

Any doctor will tell you that pain is a sign or symptom that there is something wrong with your body. It is an EWD (early warning device).

Throughout the day and especially at night, I am in pain. But somehow, it has subsided from a high level of 8 to just about 5. I still have difficulty getting up from bed.

So, I offer my pain to those who are suffering and to sinners. I don't know but I have a particular concern for those who are not likely to be accepted in heaven should they die any time soon. I wish God will receive my sacrifice, my offering of pain to come to the aid of such sinners. That is one purpose of pain.

Yesterday, my older brother asked how we are. My second to the youngest brother sent P10,000 for financial aid. And my sister and her husband dropped by to bring dinner (adobong buto-buto, adobong pusit, and spaghetti. She also gave kisses with almonds to my son, rosquillos, and suman. How thoughtful my sister is!

I have been working on a long report but the data are slow in coming. We will just have to submit a partial report tomorrow. And the second part and Conclusions will have to wait till I have all data with me.

Tomorrow, I will be back to the hospital. My son will accompany me. Mom will come along for her rehabilitation session. (The good news is that she is well enough not to have a hot compress for her hips and feet. Thank You, Lord!)

I just got off the phone right now. My friend is also not feeling well. Her family must have caught some virus. Oh no, it's in the air!

That signals to me that I should wear a mask when I go out.

So, bye for now, dear reader! Till next time...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Came from "Vacation"

I just came from a weeklong "vacation". My room was airconditioned, had its own comfort room, well-lit, and I could call for "service" anytime. My bed can even be raised or lowered. I was served food 6 times a day.

You guessed right. I did not stay in a hotel room but a hospital room. I underwent all sort of tests - daily CBC, two x-rays, 1 city scan, 1 ultrasound. I was visited daily by my doctor. On my last day, a G.I. specialist went to see me. She said I have air in my billary tree but she does not recommend medication nor any intervention. What she was more concerned about was the presence of lymph nodes, one as big as 5.5 cm. They have to be biopsied to determine if they are tumors or not.

The official reason for my being admitted is that I have pneumonia. It turned out that the real culprit is my multiple myeloma causing haziness in my lung xrays. And my rib cage has collapsed causing me severe pain.

Except for the first night, mom stayed with me the whole time. My son would come from time to time to bring stuff from home. I was visited at different times by my older brother and his wife, and by my sister.

I finished reading a book (a lousy one), solved Sudoku puzzles, watched TV including a Piolo Pascual and Regine Velasquez movie. Of course, I'm glad that I did not miss "100 Days to Heaven".

Because of my being in the hospital, I was not able to do one report. When I asked the Client about it, she said it is already completed and submitted to end-Client. Anyway, there will always be a next time, she said.

I am working on a report which is due next week. They are asking for a presentation but mom did not allow me because I will be again exposed. My immune system is down so I really have to wear my mask. Someone else would do the presentation but I am committed to finish the report by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

This late afternoon, I edited a short report. It's already paid for so I'm glad to deduct from my advances.

My friend gifted me with a new cane. How nice of her! God bless her.

Lord, I offer this pain to all those who are suffering.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preparing for Reports

This week until end October (or early November) I will be writing three reports. I have already started preparing report templates. I am eager to start analyzing already. Three different studies, different objectives. How challenging and fun!

I am still having chest pains. Could just be heart burn. But at least, Tramadol, the pain killer prescribed for me seems to be working. I have difficulty walking and carrying stuff though so I move around like a zombie, hand to my chest.

I went to the hospital last Monday but turns out that the people administering treatment were all absent, their rest day. So, I just had a CBC, ate at the canteen, had a chest x-ray, and got my mom's MRI results.

Mom is now in the hospital, accompanied by my son. Hope her condition is nothing serious.

It's all quiet here. Am all alone. Just waiting for my lunch to arrive. Then maybe I will take a nap or play some games.

It is taking me ages to finish the book, "The Front" by Patricia Cornwell. It is dragging.

Oh well...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Lull

From a hectic week, I had a lull this weekend.

Mom and I watched the finale of "The Biggest Loser". Wow, all those heavy men and women losing so much weight and looking so much better! I am happy for each one of them.

I just prepared part of the template for a report.

My second to the youngest brother and her daughter dropped by today. They brought pancit canton, fish fillet and chicken. Delicious!

My son and I decided to keep the Acer Notebook. We could both use it.

This afternoon, I was alarmed when something (a bone) snapped somewhere over my heart. We all have heard the term "heart-broken" but "heart-bone broken"? It still hurts. Hope it is nothing.

I prepared my income tax form today - for the month of September and for the third quarter.

Tomorrow, I will be in the hospital again. The Diagnostic Center will be inaugurated in the morning so we will have to stay in the canteen to pass the time.

I hope I will be able to collect enough money. Our cash on hand is fast depleting and we have to pay my mom's credit card by the 16th.

Lord, please provide! And thank You for all the blessings You send my way.

Friday, October 7, 2011

This Week

This week, I went to the hospital twice, revised a questionnaire a number of times, revised a report a number of times, submitted two papers to WriterBay, etc.

So here are the specifics.

Last Monday, we "hired" a friend to assist me at the hospital. She pushed my wheelchair, paid bills, bought food (lots of it) and waited with me. I had a battery of lab tests and she got the results. While waiting in the canteen, an elderly woman chatted with us. She, too, is sick with several ailments. Nice lady.

In the chemo room, the secretary had a problem. She had to sell her new Acer Aspire One Netbook for P15,000 because her son owed that much money. He may be in danger if he did not pay up soon. So kind-hearted me, looked for buyers, but to no avail. I decided to buy it myself. But my mom scolded me and got mad when she found out. We are not rich enough to afford such luxuries. I was able to borrow from my niece to meet the deadline, then a client was willing to lend the money in advance of projects and workshops in the future.

Back to the hospital story, we waited for my doctor. My lab results were all good except that my calcium is high. He asked me to see my hematologist who true enough, said that the high calcium is due to my multiple myeloma. She prescribed an injectible medicine which turned out to be expensive. It was delivered the next day. I had to go back to be administered with the medicine on Wednesday.

Still last Monday, I gave the driver a tip for his whole day service. He was able to do three other errands while waiting for us.

We had a wonderful dinner of adobong buto-buto cooked by my sister's maid. How heavenly delicious!

Then, on Wednesday, mom, the driver and I went to the hospital again. Me, to have my medicine administered. My mom saw her two doctors, and even had an MRI. I enjoyed my lunch of chicken with sauce (how descriptive!).

But I had a bum stomach. When we were in Mercury Drugstore, I could not help it anymore I begged the manager if I could use their CR. So there I went, just in time! The next thing I said after "thank you" was "do you have a medicine stronger than Immodium?" ha ha.

My ongoing projects are an employee opinion survey (hopefully the excel file I finished this morning is the last of Client's requirements), an online survey (questionnaire stage), a usage and attitude study (awaiting data tables for analysis), and a concept and price test (also waiting for tabulation to finish). Pending are a translation job, an FGD which might be converted to a quantitative study, another FGD (2 groups) for which I was asked to analyze, a collation job, and a few more.

I was able to finish my paper on punctuation, and a review of "A Rose for Emily". Fun!

My son immediately found use for our new netbook. He brought it to the office today to post pictures of the store of which he is the new branch manager. (It is his fifth branch already.)
He was sick this morning and even threw up. Hyperacidity. Good thing mom had medicine around. He was able to go to work.

After finishing my two rush jobs this morning, my friend's driver picked me up. We went to a client to get a check and I encashed it right away. My friend gave me a cane and people were kind enough to give me their number and a seat. I haven't sat for long when my number was called.

When we reached home, I bought six pieces of kwek-kwek.

Great week! And it is not completely over. One of my brothers is coming to visit us this Sunday. Something to look forward to.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Love Writing!

Yes, I love and enjoy writing! I hope that by reading this blog, it shows.

My meeting yesterday was fruitful. We discussed details of the project and changes in the questionnaire. I just ordered iced mocha (I don't know the spelling of "frappocino").

My client-friend and I were supposed to have lunch but since we were both busy, he just gave me lunch money. Mom and I ordered from Mcdo but they were late in coming.
For lunch today, my youngest brother and his family came to visit. They brought chicken and pancit Malabon. Yummy! I got to drink Coke Light.

Good news is my brother is interested in joining writerbay. I stand to earn 3% of his work if he gets accepted. Yey.

Here are more pictures from last night's party.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Of Typhoons, Projects, and a Party

Since my last post, strong typhoons had hit the Philippines. Much devastation in many places. People, including, children have died. No electricity. Makes me sad. I pray for those who have suffered and are still suffering because of storms.

On a happier note, the reason I haven't been able to blog is that I have been busy. With what?

- I applied for WriterBay. I had to take a grammar and citation style test (I got 27 out of 30) questions. I was asked to upload my college diploma (I asked my son to scan it for me) and I proudly uploaded it. And I was tasked to write a sample essay. So, at first, I researched and came up with an essay which was mostly second-hand information. But when I inquired, I was supposed to express my personal views on the topic which is: What are the reasons behind the success of long-running TV series like M.A.S.H. So, I watched a total of 8 episodes online and enjoyed it thoroughly. Soooh funny. I was able to revise my essay and got accepted! So far, I applied for three cases and finished one, which was immediately approved by client. Yey. Now I have another sideline!

- I revised the questionnaire for an online survey that has been approved. Later at 11am, I will meet with Clients in Makati.

- I came up with categories on the answers to open-ended questions for one of my ongoing projects.

For today and tomorrow, aside from my meeting, I will revise a report, attend to my writing assignment/s, and if I still have time, prepare a discussion guide for an FGD.

Yesterday, a friend came to visit but he couldn't stay long since he had an appointment with his dietitian. He underestimated traffic. I had to remind him it was Friday and payday. He was sweet enough to bring food from Red Ribbon - spaghetti and ensaymada.

Then in the evening, I attended a party in Makati. A friend based abroad is in town so members of our college gang got together. What fun! There were jokes, "alaskahan" (ridiculing of one another and even of friends who were not around) and light talk. Occasionally, we discussed serious matters like the government and taxes.

Food was great - pasta, salad, longganisa flakes, and roasted chicken. We also had two kinds of cake for dessert. Drinks were plentiful - softdrinks, water, beer and wine.

Of course, there was a lot of picture-taking.

Hope I would be able to post again soon. See ya!