Monday, May 30, 2011

Stuff My Life is Made Of

As announced, I did get to watch "All About Steven". Sandra Bullock was so funny in that movie!

I woke up with two good news, my weight is down to 128 lbs. and my sugar is normal at 6.5. Then mom and I went to the hospital. What do you know, we were able to get the single remaining wheelchair and a good one, too!

We waited quite a while because there was something wrong with their queuing. After my blood test, mom tried to get my blood test results. They weren't ready yet after 10 days. Looks like I really have a relapse. I hope it's not as bad as it feels.

I had lunch of Wendy's fresh salad. I didn't get to eat my bacon mushroom melt. Might give it to my son.

When we reached home, client called to say they have sent another batch of data. I said I will just rest for a while.

So that's two projects due tomorrow. That's money coming. Yehey.

Mom bought chicharon. It's delicious! I almost finished it.

My batchmate emailed to our yahoogroup to pray for me. That boosted my spirits.

Tonight, I will continue watching "100 Days to Heaven".

So that's stuff my life is made of hospital, work, food, friends and family, television.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Didn't Make It After All

Yup, I didn't make it to the christening after all. What made me decide not to go was the difficulty of raising my feet to hurdle our bathroom. Mom said there were six steps to go up Panciteria San Jancito ...actually it was seven steps. And it was raining.

What I missed was the 10 course meal consisting of appetizer, soup, yang chow rice, pancit canton (their bestseller), chicken, duck, fish, beef, pork, and dessert (almond jelly and lychees). There was also cake from Red Ribbon. My consolation was that mom brought home some of these.

Work came in but it was only a small project. No matter how small, it is well appreciated.

I recently watched two crime films - "The Usual Suspects" and "Advocate's Devil". Both are exciting and interesting.

My friend asked if she and her nieces can use our swimming pool in the condo. Sure, I said. Just pay the fee of P50 per person. Glad to do a favor for a friend.

I wonder what's showing tonight? Well, what do you know, it's a movie I've been wanting to watch - "All About Steve" starring Sandra Bullock. Yay.
Great news! I'm down to 130 lbs...that means I am officially in the overweight level. Yehey.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


My friend just commented that I keep blogging about food and eating. True. I love to eat. But I actually eat very little. I'm down to 133 lbs. Just two more pounds and I will be in the overweight level and not anymore obese. Yehey.

Because I eat in small amounts, I have been constipated. I had to take Ducolax. It worked! I moved twice today. What a relief!

So Typhoon Chedeng came and left in a jiffy. It's now in Okinawa. Poor Japan! Another calamity.

I asked my son to collect for my one and only project this month. Better something than nothing.

Yesterday, mom bought spaghetti from KFC. Today, she cooked spaghetti. Spaghetti in a row, ha ha.

Looks like I will be able to attend the christening this Saturday. My aunt will fetch us. I just have to hurdle six steps of stairs. Well, hope the food is worth it.

The teleserye, "100 Days to Heaven" is so funny, amusing and exciting. I look forward to it every night.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Couldn't Sleep

Last night, I couldn't sleep.

Nope, I haven't fallen in love. Nor am I worried by a million and one problems. It's physical. My right ribs were throbbing with pain! For the first time, I took a pain killer - Biogesic. But apparently it was too mild.

Today, I had to borrow the condo's wheelchair just to get to the lobby.

Since we were early, there were enough wheelchairs in the hospital.

I had my CBC. Then breakfast at the canteen (beefsteak, egg, longganisa, rice - not good).

Then, the loooong wait for my Velcade treatment. My mom got so impatient she wanted to leave already.

We went to Sushi-Ya. She ordered Bento Box. I had ebi tempura with rice, and sukiyaki. Delicious!

We had our afternoon nap.

I checked my inbox and Facebook. I discovered that my friend and batchmate Marilou Estandarte Dichoso is some kind of celebrity in the US. They are making a movie about her. Wow! I wonder, will people want to see my life story on film? ha ha

Word for the day: ascerbic

- sour or bitter tasting
- usage: The test product is quite ascerbic.

- Other usage: I don't know the answer to that question. Ascerbic.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well What do You Know...

Yesterday, mom bought two bags of chicharon. Yehey.

I was supposed to go out last night but walking is such a torture and since it was Friday, I knew I would have difficulty finding a cab home.

So I decided to order food from home. I wanted Aristocrat but the Cubao branch has closed. So change of plans, Max's.

My friend would be late so she asked me to order ahead. I ordered spring chicken, kare-kare, rice and soft drinks.

I missed watching "100 days to Heaven" but it's okay.

We talked about work and family and health. She said something which struck me. She said that whenever she finds things difficult, she just remembers me and she feels somewhat relieved. I'm glad that my misery is the cause of somebody else's relief. Ha ha.

I've been working on a rush project since Thursday. I'm about to write the Conclusions already.

At least I wasn't zero for this month.

Mom said that whenever her feet are aching and she's tired, all she has to do is think of me and my suffering, and she feels better.

I wonder how many people are like my friend and my mom who "encouraged" when they compare their plight to mine? Without doing a thing, I am an inspiration to others.

Indeed, God is using me in big ways and small.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

When the Well is Dry...

I said in an earlier post that I'm craving for kare-kare. Well, my caring mom bought kare-kare from Max's last Tuesday and it was good. (But she was disappointed because she was expecting oxtail or "buntot".)

Just when you think that the well has dried up, water comes out.

So today, I had lunch with a client-friend at Banapple along Katipunan. I had corn chowder soup and some kind of pasta. He had ribs with hickory sauce.

Anyway, he offered me a consultancy job. I just have to name my price.


And today, a project came in from a research agency. The only thing is it's super rush. Due tomorrow! Ha ha. It's a good thing I'm used to working fast.

The only problem is I have a dinner date tomorrow and I will be fetched at 5:30 pm.

Oh, I will work things out. Maybe my friend and I will just order food for delivery and eat in the condo.

I feel much better already.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pain to the Nth Degree

I had my bone marrow test today. The doctor whispered to me not to scream because there is another patient in the adjacent cubicle. But it was soooooh painful I had to bear the pain twice.

My doctor suspects a relapse so she is giving me extra doses of velcade.

My other doctor, gave me Recormon, and more doses of Lipanthyl.

All these implies that I have to lie low. I might cancel and/or postpone my activities for the week...starting with attending a wake tonight and a lunch tomorrow.

So that's life.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Family Get-Together

As I said, my sister celebrated her 49th birthday in the condo. Her family, and two brothers' families attended.

Food included inihaw na liempo, KFC, lumpiang ubod (fried and fresh), inihaw na bangus, manggang hilaw with bagoong, lanzones, turones de mani, mais con hielo, rice, and softdrinks.

There was chit chat, showing of pictures, taking of photos, talk on diabetes and weight, etc.

Soon enough, people had to go.

My siblings pitched in to pay for my bone marrow test tomorrow. So, we will be in the hospital the whole day tomorrow. I will see my internist as well. He will be pleased that I have lost weight.

Another parent of a friend died recently. It is really the time for passing away of the parents of people my age. Too bad I cannot attend the wake nor funeral.


Aside from the activities lined up for the week, I've been invited to the christening/baptism of the daughter of my cousin this Saturday.

Word for the day: taciturn

- inclined to silence; reserved in speech
- usage: There is something suspicious about that taciturn man.

- Other usage: Bu-tasiturn-o niya kaya tinahi ko.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

Sorry, it's been a while since I lasted posted in this blog. Something went wrong with the site.

During the mass that I listen to over the Internet, their singer has this eeky, squeaky voice which mom and I find irritating. But I honor her because she keeps singing day in and day out for the mass.

I watched an old comedy film entitled, "First Wives' Club", starring Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler. Soooh funny!

I was supposed to attend a children's party today but I didn't have a ride.

Tomorrow there will be another family get-together because it was my sister's birthday last May 10.

Future activities:

...May 17 - lunch at a batchmate's place but I won't join the pilgrimage in Pasig

...May 19 - go out with a client/friend

...May 20 - go out with a friend

I'm craving for kare-kare and crispy pata!

Boy, it's half of the month and no project yet. The Lord is really testing me!

But continue to trust, I will.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Merry Month

Yup, it's the merry month of May. Several friends and family members are celebrating their birthdays this month.

Today, in particular, is my sister's birthday. I have only one sister and she's only a year younger than me. We shared a bedroom when we were growing up. We went to the same schools. Nope, we didn't share boyfriends he he.

I love my sister because she is thoughtful, caring and generous. I'm recipient of many things from her - food, clothes, make-up, shoes, etc.

Last night, mom and I started watching the teleseries "100 days to Heaven" starring Coney Reyes and Xyriel, the new child superstar. Funny, entertaining.

I'm going through another trial again. No projects although four or bad are in the works. A bigger problem is we will soon vacate this condo. Where to go? My fixed income with a research agency will no longer push through because the end client prefers another researcher to service them. What to do?

I know I should trust in God. So I will just have to pray:

Dear Lord,

I know You love me, my son and my mom. I know You will continue to provide for all our needs. We trust that You will provide for a place to stay, food to eat, money for daily expenses. Thank You in advance for Your love, kindness and generosity.

Now for the good news, I am down to 137 lbs. meaning I have to lose only 6 lbs to reach "overweight" status.

Well, keep thinking positively. As I have saying for years.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers' Day

Late last night, my friend called me up to tell me that my song, "Mama, Let Me Live" is being played over DZMM by Fr. Jerry Orbos. He even mentioned my name. Had something to do about the RH Bill.

When my son arrived, he brought two bouquets of flowers - one for me, one for his grandmother. How sweet of him!

Greetings have been coming through text, FB, and email such as:

- Happy Mother's Day, Tita Nim. Thank you for being so generous with your time, energy, and resources. Have a great day po!

- Best words are sometimes not said, not spoken, not expressed, because they are communicated through PRAYERS. You may not hear any word from me but rest assured I say the best for you through my PRAYERS everyday. May GOD bless you always. Happy Mother's Day!

- Happy mother's day! May God bless all mothers with a wonderful day today!

- Your arms were always open when they need a hug. Your heart understood when they need a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when they need a lesson. Your strength and love guides them and gives them wings to fly. And they will always be thankful to have you as their mom. Happy mothers' day! God bless!

-God made moms to be the brightest light to guide the way and the sweetest voice to comfort us in stressful days. Thank God for moms like you. Happy Mom's day!

- Happy Mother's day to the great mothers out there!

Which leads me to ask: How "great" a mother have I been to my son?

My mom said she wants to transfer two buds of roses and two bigger roses to her altar.

I said, "No, two buds and two worse."

Get it, I asked?

Yes but she didn't laugh because she found the joke corny.

So, what's new?

Everyone is talking about the Pacquiao - Mosley fight. Although most are happy that Manny won again, many were quite disappointed because Shane kept "running away" and avoiding Manny's punches.
It has been a rainy day today. Parts of the country were hit by Typhoon Bebeng. Glad I just stayed home the whole time.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Food

We ate a late dinner because we waited for my sister and brother-in-law to arrive. They brought Pixie's inihaw na bangus, kare-kare, alimango, and fried lumpia. Nice food.

My sister went through my "friends" in FB. She commented on changes in appearances as well as looks that remained the same.

I was able to chat with a couple of friends. One is in Thailand and talked about the delicious spicy food in Thailand. He invited me to go painting at their house next week.

I watched "The Price is Right". Exciting game show but the showcase was not won. Too bad.

Hope you don't mind if this is a short post. I'm tired.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Medicines Galore

I just finished filling up my three medicine boxes good for one week.

To give you a good idea what sort of medicines I take, here they are:

1) Acarbose - one piece before every meal, for diabetes

2) Diamicron - two pieces before breakfast, for diabetes

3) Metformin HCL - one piece after every meal, for diabetes

4) Sodium Bicarbonate - one piece after breakfast

5) Depakote - one piece after breakfast, one piece after dinner, mood stabilizer

6) Abilify - one half piece after breakfast, one piece after dinner, anti-psychotic medicine

7) Caltrate Plus - one piece after lunch, for my bones

8) Meganerve E - one piece after lunch, vitamins

9) Alluprinol - one piece after lunch, for uric acid

10) Thalidomide - one piece after dinner, for my multiple myeloma

11) Aspirin - one piece after dinner, prophylaxis to avoid stroke

12) Lipanthyl - one piece after dinner every other day, for cholesterol

13) Decilone Forte - five pieces after lunch on Tuesdays, steroids

14) Nexium - one piece after lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to counter steroids

15) Fosavanz - one piece 30 minutes before breakfast, for osteoporosis

Did I miss anything? Probably not.

Whew! And I'm not counting pain killers because I avoid taking them.

So those of you who need not be a walking drugstore, count your blessings!
Word for the day: ephemeral

- lasting for a markedly brief time
- usage: Beware of suitors whose love is ephemeral.

Other usage? Sorry, can't think of a punny one this time.
Good news, bad news, and bad news.

Good news: I'm "down" to 139 lbs. after staying at 140 lbs. for days.

Bad news: My BMI (body mass index) says I'm still obese and would have to shed 8 pounds to be in the overweight level.

Bad news: I have to be 109 lbs. to be in the normal weight level. That's a whopping 30 lbs. from where I am now. Oh no!
Panda bears are among the cutest animals in the world, don't you think?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simple Tasks Aren't That Simple

With my condition, certain simple tasks are not that simple.

One example, washing dishes. I cannot remain standing for long periods of time. So when there are a lot of dishes to wash, my body aches. But wash I must. After which, I feel good for having done a good deed.

Another example, taking a bath. Since I cannot remain standing for long, my baths and showers have to be done rather quickly.

Oh well...

My mom and son went to the grocery today. My mom's masahista (masseuse) was early so we had time to chat. She told me how she started out. Her husband got sick so she decided to learn how to massage. Then, she used the skill slowly but surely. She got to meet my aunt who introduced her to other clients. So, she was able to send her daughters to school. Our talk was interrupted when mom and my son arrived.

It is inspiring to learn how people strive to solve their financial problems through sheer hard work and prayers.

I don't eat much during main meals these days. But in between, I eat quite a lot of snacks. Like I can eat a whole bag of popcorn. Lousy diet. My doctors will surely not approve.

Those of you who have been reading my posts may be wondering why I seem to be sleeping a lot. Well, that is because, as I said in a long-ago post that my medicines cause somnolence.

That's my word for the day: somnolence

- sleepiness or drowsiness
- usage: Thalidomide causes somnolence.

- other usage: Somnolence, my friend, som don't.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More on the Inner Voice

Yesterday, I should have added tasks which my inner voice told me to do:

...wash the dishes

...fill up the pitcher

...pour water on the dispenser

...pray the rosary

...pluck white hair from my mom's eyebrows

Today, I threw away the nails that my mom clipped from my toes. When she was cutting my big toenails, I screamed in pain. It appears that I have in-grown nails in both toes. Oww!

So how was my day? Today, being Wednesday, is Fosavanz day. I have to take this medicine 30 minutes before breakfast. So, I was able to check part of my inbox and chat briefly with a friend.

Breakfast consisted of liver spread on a slice of bread and water. That simple.

After washing the dishes, I made saing.

Then, I took a nap.

I changed my sons pillowcases.

For lunch, I ate two pieces of tawilis, rice, and tortang talong.

Then, I washed the dishes again.

I took another nap.

Upon waking, I turned on my computer and...

...finished checking my inbox

...listed the lotto winning numbers for my mom

...listened to bible reflection for the day

...prayed the 3 o'clock prayer

...attended mass on the internet

...played one round of online scrabble against an expert robot (I lost of course)

...took a number of tests in the Authentic Happiness website (my scores were pretty good; discovered that Curiosity is my character strength)

...reviewed one of my student groups final presentation on CD

I texted to of my friends if we could meet up. One is going to Spain so she can't make it. Another wants to meet in MOA (Mall of Asia) but my mom did not allow me because I would have a hard time.

I also wanted to borrow my friends' mom's wheelchair. Her mom just recently passed away. My friend asked me if I want to borrow her mom's wheelchair but my mom was against it due to three reasons - difficult to board on cabs, have to have somebody to push, no place in the condo.

Oh well, mothers know best.

I texted my boss to remind me of receivables due. But no response yet. If he does not comply with our agreement, I would have to resign. Sigh.

Word for the day:

esoteric - understood by or meant only to the select few who have special knowledge or interest

Usage: Law and Medicine are fields full of esoteric terms.

Another usage: Nothing to do during Halloween. Esoteric or treat na lang.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That Inner Voice

Sometimes, when I'm irritated, my mind is occupied with not-so-nice thoughts. Then, an inner voice makes me switch to loving thoughts and soon enough, the irritation goes away.

Today, the inner voice seemed particularly strong. I was moved to do things I haven't done in a while or simple things like:

...clean my inbox a newsletter on Padre Pio and forwarded it to two friends

...listen to Bible reflection for the day

...attend a mass on the internet

...learn about US visas for my mom

...change our pillowcases

...cut my nails

...throw the trash the laundry

Little things but in the eyes of God, they are big. Because they are heeding the inner voice which is the voice of conscience...or even, the voice of God.

I just looked out the window...and oh how lovely is the sun! Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful gift of nature. Up on a high-rise condo, I get a great view of sunsets!

Willy Revillame's show, "Willing-Willie" has been suspended for one month due to child abuse. I saw the video clip. I cried because the poor child was crying as they kept on asking him to do the macho dance. I hope they cancel the show altogether.

Word for the day:

- odious: arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance: hateful
- usage: To many, Osama bin Laden was an odious man.

Another usage:
Marami tayong katanungan, O-dious lamang ang nakakaalam.

Monday, May 2, 2011

More on the Trip

I'm still on "Subic" mode.

On the rode, I saw a fleet of mini coopers! How cute they look! But you couldn't make me ride on a mini cooper. It is too low for me, my back would hurt. And when it rains heavily...

My brother tends to drive too fast so I chose to look outside the window instead of straight ahead. I enjoyed looking at the mountains, the fields and the trees - all green, or almost. Then, when I looked up, I saw clouds which reminded me of...cotton candy (how imaginative of me ha ha).

I'm still tired from all that sleeping and watching of TV and riding in the car.

I reviewed the report I revised and saw a few more errors. Then I emailed it to client.

That's about the work I did for the day.

I just took a bath. Feels good! In Subic, Mom didn't allow me to use the bath tub was too deep, I could slip. So eww, it is just now that I have washed off the dirt and perspiration from Subic.

We discovered a restaurant/outlet which sells great-tasting food - Nathaniel's. I like their siomai and kakanin. Hhmm.

Here are two words for the day:

1) vamoose - to depart quickly
2) Jonah - one believed to bring bad luck

Usage? When you see a Jonah, it's time to vamoose.

Other usage? Vamoose a comer. Jonah our dinner.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Change of Venue

So, the family's plans to go to Subic pushed through.

We rented two rooms at RK Hotel. Which was practically all I saw of Subic the entire time.

The others were able to go on adventures and to go swimming.

I stayed in the hotel room to read a book which I discovered I read already. I also watched TV (Glee, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, American Idol, etc.).

The room was cool/cold because the aircon was on the whole time.

For Saturday lunch, mom and I ate hot sour soup, yang chow rice, lechon kawali and noodles.

In the evening, I ate the leftover noodles (a little of it) and the Mom's leftover caesar salad.

For breakfast the following day, there was buffet. I ate fried rice, fried egg, hotdog, and corned beef.

We had to check out by noon. We had lunch in Marquee Mall at Tokyo Tokyo. I had ebi tempura.

Sorry, I keep talking about food because that's practically all I did.

I haven't been inside a mall for ages. Good thing they rented a wheelchair for me.

We watched some table tennis games.

My brother returned the wheelchair already though I wanted to look around some more.

I wanted to pee not knowing there was a customer lounge nearby. My sister accompanied me, paid P10 and went inside the handicapped cubicle with me. Funny, she used the toilet, too, so we flashed it only once.

And so we're back. Home sweet home!

Today, on the Feast of the Divide Mercy, Pope John Paul II is beatified. He was a much beloved Pope by people everywhere, including Filipinos.

Here's looking forward to sainthood for Karol Wojtyla!