Monday, September 26, 2011

A Super Nice Day

Yup. I had a super nice day yesterday! We requested my son to make today his day-off so he can accompany me to the hospital.

We didn't have a hard time finding a cab to and from the hospital.

We were early so there were a lot of wheelchairs. (They have a new system though. We had to leave an I.D., they gave us a number, and we were supposed to return the wheelchair to claim our I.D.).

I was with my son for hours! Talk about mother and son bonding. My son followed my mom's instructions as closely as he could. Good job, I would say.

We ate in the canteen. Mango shake then later binagoongan with rice for me (brunch). Omelet and doughnut and iced coffee for him (breakfast).

My platelet count is quite low so they gave me a lower dosage of Velcade. At least, our efforts at going to the hospital and having a CBC taken were not wasted.

Before going home, we bought chocolate and peanuts.

Back to the condo, I let my son play and use the computer for about thirty minutes. Then, I proceeded to do tab specs and revised the corresponding questionnaires.

Our dinner was spaghetti (mom did the heating).

As usual, I enjoyed watching "100 Days to Heaven". The new actor playing the role of Teddy Ledesma looks so much like my son! Haha.

I tinkered with my old laptop. It was sooooh jurassic it took ages to do anything. Oh well, I have a feeling someone will be giving me a new laptop next year.

I asked an agent if I should have cited my sources in my sample essay. The answer was in the affirmative. So, I was instructed to revise my essay and submit it to the support department.
Hmm, not an easy task but I am willing to do it.

So, all in all, it was a super nice day.

As I write this, I could hear the wind howling. We have a new typhoon. Good thing I will not be leaving the condo today and the next few days.

I will revise my essay and a questionnaire today. Looking forward to doing both.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am venturing into two potentially money-earning endeavors.

One, I am trying to get accepted at WriterBay. I have done all the requirements except one - I need to upload my college diploma. I will ask my son to help scan it.

Two, I have joined MarketSensus. It has something to do with affiliate marketing and other stuff.

I stand to earn in dollars from these two. Yey.

I was attracted to another job, translating. Looks easy but the sad part is I have to shell out money first to pay for membership. Could be a scam. So I didn't pursue it.
Yesterday, my sister visited us. She brought spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, pineapples, mangoes and eggs. My kind-hearted sister. She stayed a while to talk about her new job and some of their events. Glad to know she had fun.

Today, my older brother passed by. He brought breakfast from McDonald's. Longsilog (longganisa or sausage, sinangag or fried rice, and itlog or fried egg). Mom was given coffee as well. My Kuya had a sausage sandwich.

I have been busy these past few days working on a questionnaire for an online survey. I decided to pre-test it among some friends and family members. So far, eight have responded. I am awaiting two more. I prepared a 12-question survey online just to test the site. Anyway, it is free.

Kuya consulted me on a research project he wants to conduct. He asked me to clear the questionnaire he will be formulating. I asked him to answer my questionnaire while he was here in the condo.

Today, two maintenance guys cleaned our two airconditioners and two electric fans. It was long overdue.

For WriterBay, I had to study the different citation styles. I was also asked to write an essay on why M.A.S.H. is among the longest-running TV series. I researched by searching/surfing the net, logging on to YahooAnswers and YouTube, and interviewing some friends. I entitled my essay, "Why M.A.S.H. is a Smash Hit".

Will let you know if I get accepted.

Indeed, life is exciting!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Whew! I counted the projects that I have/will have this month and next and it numbered about ten! That's a wow!

That means two things: I will be extremely busy and (more importantly hehe) I will have a lot of money. We could save as much as we can, maybe splurge a little (eat at Cabalen perhaps), and/or ask our regular donors (family members) to stop giving money in the meantime. I leave the decision to my mom.

So today, I am supposed to revise a report, come up with a questionnaire or two, and prepare tab specs based on two questionnaires. Busy, busy...that's me.

Mom seems to be feeling better these days, after consulting her doctor and taking muscle relaxants and pain killers. But the pain recurs though not to the same degree as before.

My brother just had his gall bladder removed. His laparoscopy was a success. Thank God!

Life is great! And I have the Lord to thank plus all my loved ones and clients.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I finished my FGD report today. It is due September 27, so I am several days ahead of schedule. Anyway, that would give time to two consultants to react and give feedback, including suggestions for improvement.

Yey, I have a new Client. It is a relatively new marketing research company. The owner/head used to work for Pulse/AC Nielsen so I know her. Already, we are talking about 2 possible projects. There would be more for sure. Thank You, Lord!

I might have an FGD this October or November for a client-friend. I would either be both the facilitator and analyst, or analyst only. Looking forward to it.
My older brother called to consult about a study he wants to be conducted. I took down notes and came up with a written research design. Glad to be of help.
I had my CBC this morning. The medtech came to our condo. My mom got the results: good news is that my platelet count is now normal, bad news is my hemoglobin went down.

My mom finally went to see her rheumatologist. Painkillers and other medicines were prescribed. She can continue with our home remedies. My son accompanied her to the hospital to push her wheelchair. My sister's driver drove for my mom and son. They right away bought medicines and they bought lunch from KFC.

So, the food I ordered (meat balls and eggplant omelet) will be for another meal or two. I ate spaghetti of KFC. I set aside the salad they bought for me.

Then, my niece dropped by to give Country Chicken. Delicious! She also brought buchi for mom. She took a nap in our bedroom. Poor niece, she lacks sleep these days.
I thank God for family, friends and food! What do you know? Triple F ha ha.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of This and That

Each day, I wake up early to fix breakfast for my mom and myself. I boil water for her coffee. I prepare her food which is pandesal and something else.

From time to time, I put her hot compress bag in the microwave because the heat eases the pain. I really hope she will see her rheumatologist this Wednesday. It is my son's day-off and we can "borrow" my sister's driver and car.

I also prepare/"cook" lunch and dinner. I help when she bathes herself or goes to the restroom.

I am glad I am able to show I care for my mom. In a way, this is a small repayment of her sacrifices for me.
I finished reading David Baldacci's "First Family". Suspenseful, interesting, informative even. Nice read!

Now, I have a choice between "Memoirs of a Geisha" (I have watched the movie) and "The Front". I am inclined to read the latter first.
This afternoon I enjoyed watching Nestle's filmography, Kasambuhay Habambuhay. Funny, amusing, entertaining, heart-warming, touching, and more. I have just a few more to watch. I highly recommend that you view them in YouTube. You wait regret it, I guarantee.

My youngest brother was supposed to come and visit but it seems that he couldn't due to errands (nine of them). As usual, it was my sister and her eldest daughter who visited. They brought pancit palabok, puto, grilled liempo, fish fillet, siomai, apple strudel and softdrinks. They helped clean up after. We have enough leftovers to last us for days. Yey.
I might have a new project. It is a translation job. My friend recommended two translators from Ilocano/Cebuano to Tagalog. I will do the typing. So, part of the fee goes to me. I just hope there won't be a conflict with my FGD report.
I have been reading Chicken Soup for the Soul stories (emailed to me regularly). I plan to write some stories. They will pay $200 per story. Not bad.
I am exhausted but I feel good. Coz I've been good.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Poor Mom

For the past few days, my mom has been in pain, she can barely walk. Poor mom! It breaks my heart to hear her suffer and the word "Aray!" (Ouch!) is constantly coming from her mouth.

And so, from morning till night, I am her maid, nurse, caregiver, etc. It's a good thing my son was on leave from Tuesday to Thursday this week. He helps around by cooking and buying stuff like pandesal from the convenience store. (My mom has not been eating rice recently to lose some weight.)

I searched the net for the definition, cause and remedy of rheumatism. My ever dependable computer gave the answers. So, my son will buy potatoes, apple cider and honey for my mom.

I am starting to write an FGD report but the notes I have so far are on the first 3 groups. The last 3 are being conducted today.

I might have another FGD in October and November. A client-friend asked for costs of facilitation, note-taking and analysis. I will definitely do the analysis. But if I am not well enough to be the moderator, I have asked 2 of my friends for their fees. Hope the project gets approved.
I talked to two friends today. By coincidence, both of them just lost their respective mothers. One died of old age, the other, of pneumonia. I am all the more grateful that mom is still around.

Since there will be a transportation strike on Monday, I am exempted from going to the hospital for my regular treatment. Yey. Saves us some money.
I was finally paid by a friend-client. They were able collect from the end-user only last Friday and had to wait for the check to clear.

I feel bad for a friend who acted as guarantor for a loan of about P100,000. The amount has not been paid. Hope they will be able to collect soon.
Filipinos still have the Ms. Universe fever. We are all so proud of Shamcey Supsup. I just love her answer in the Q & A portion. She should have won, but of course, I am biased.
The website I revised is almost done. I did my part and gave them options regarding the mission, vision and values. I gave suggestions to improve the look of the site. Hope the new website will draw many visitors and win Clients for them.
My former neighbor gave a "lifetime supply" of chicharon (pork rind), plus salted egg colored white (instead of red, so I mistook them for balut), cornik, and pastillas (for my mom). What a kind soul. He will come and visit before the end of the month.
I think I need a change of celphone. My old one looks so ugly and "dilapidated" already because I keep dropping it. I can hardly hear voice calls. Good thing celphones cost so little these days.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Pusit

Yesterday, I ate the best adobong pusit I've ever tasted! It was a little spicy but just right. I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday, and for dinner again today. Yummy!

I was able to finish my quantitative report and am just waiting for feedback from one of the consultants before finalizing it. I will be paid already for said project. Great!

I am getting better and better at Bookworm. The highest level I've attained is Master(or Supreme) Archivist. Yey.

I have time now to read the book I started. The one entitled "The First Family". It is hardbound and thick so I didn't bring it yesterday to the hospital. Instead, I brought my Sudoku book and solved some puzzles.

I have revised a company's website but I still need additional info from them. I had fun thinking of taglines for the said company and after more than a week, they decided on one which I liked, too.

I might have another online survey. I will be asked to finalize the questionnaire, maybe come up with tables, and analyze the results. Exciting!

My other quantitative study has been launched and fieldwork is being conducted. My next step is to prepare the tab specs for the two questionnaires under the project.

God is good! Not just good, but great!

Friday, September 9, 2011

BZ, BZ...

I'm bz as a b. Sorry for not blogging since last Tuesday.

I have been...

...preparing presentation materials on a book

...revising two questionnaires

...revising a proposal

...doing the sampling design for a quantitative study

...preparing a report due asap

Of course, I still take time to play Bookworm or Scrabble Sprint.

And I finished reading "Mitigating Circumstances" by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I am starting to read another book, entitled "The First Family" by best-selling author, David Baldacci.

I have more projects/tasks coming up...

...a quantitave study where I will be asked to finalize the questionnaire and prepare the report. I might also do some tabulation.

...a qualitative study of six FGD groups.

...revision of a website. specs for a quantitative study

My mom and son went to the grocery yesterday. I asked for shampoo, deodorant and feminine wash. They also bought chichiria (junk food) for me, but not chicharon. My friend texted me that he will give me chicharon with taba (fat). Yey.

My friend was kind enough to give me the next batch of Sambuhay. We are to exchange reflections through email.

As much as possible, I use the stationery in my new Yahoo every time I send out an email. A friend said she was envious of my having so many designs. Ha ha.

I haven't had time to do a lot of chatting. But as soon as I get the chance, I will continue doing so to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

Here is a pretty picture I saw in a website:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Most Creative Website!

I had the wonderful privilege of having seen and visited the most creative, fun, interesting, and informative website ever! [It was voted as the most innovative marketing research company.]But don't just take my word for it. Come and visit

I took their creativity test, hoping I will be among the top 6% most creative people. Ha ha, how ambitious of me!

I also watched one of their webinars on creativity.

I was so excited I wrote to them, asking if I can work with them.

No harm in trying, right?
I am quite busy these days. I have a number of projects -

...preparing powerpoint slides on a book

...revising two questionnaires

...editing/revising a website

...and I am about to work on an employee opinion study (both quantitative and qualitative).

I love working!
I am reading a nice book entitled "Mitigating Circumstances". I am almost finished with it. Thank God for books!
Tomorrow, a client-friend will come over after lunch. We will work on a project and she will give me some money. Yey.
Life is good...nope, not just good, it's great!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Power of the Small

That's the title of a book but sorry, I can't recall where I came across it. Anyway, it's basically about the small things, the little deeds, that matter. These are acts of kindness to others.

I am grateful for the many opportunities that come my way to be able to do such "small" things. People ask me to pray for them or their loved ones. People ask help with things regarding the computer or the Internet. (I help search for the info that they need for instance.) I am willing to listen to friends in distress. People ask me to come up with creative ideas or to write various stuff - a letter, a poem, etc. People seek my advice and I am more than happy to give it. People ask me to comment on something they have done or written.

The list goes on...

But no matter the favor, I give it wholeheartedly. Yes, indeed, there is such as thing as the power of the small.

A friend who visited me recently gave me lots of goodies- 2 bags of chicharon with special vinegar, peanuts, strawberry jam, dalanghita juice, sampaloc (tamarind), macapuno and ube balls. I immediately thanked him for his kindness and thoughtfulness! Mom was pleased, too, since she has a sweet tooth.

Another friend came over yesterday and we had a Bibliarasal together. We prayed for each other and for our own needs. We thanked God for blessings received. We shared our reflections on the three readings for today. Then, we had some merienda. She was invited to a house blessing and she was the guest of honor. So, she did not eat a lot since there is sure to be a lot of food in the house blessing.
My aunt gave me P500! I used the money to order food from a new restaurant in Shopwise called ICB (Inasal Chicken Bacolod). I ordered kare-kare, chicken inasal, garlic and plain rice, and Coke Zero. The bill was P464 so I said "keep the change" to the delivery boy. My son and I had a nice lunch.

Then, in the evening my sister and niece dropped by and brought four bottles of lotion. (I use lotion when massaging my mom's feet daily and we ran out of it.) They also brought grilled liempo from Grill Queen. Yummy!

I finished reading "Sins of Omission"by Catherine Lanigan (sounds Filipino, right?). I enjoyed the book from start to finish but it's not a suspense thriller. It has romance, family, business, success, and vengeance in it. Nice read!

I am starting to read a new book, entitled "Mitigating Circumstances". Looks interesting, too.
I am lifting excerpts from another book, "The Art of War" and I am looking for a nice powerpoint template for it.
I noticed I haven't been sleeping that much anymore - no afternoon naps and I rise from bed each morning much earlier than before. That is probably because I am no longer taking thalidomide which causes somnolence or drowsiness. Yey, I have more time to work or play.
I am glad that mom is no longer in pain. Her new doctor prescribed an effective medicine and she immediately felt better. Thank God for medicines!
My mom is sound asleep right now. Me? After this, I shall play a few word games like Scrabble Sprint (at and Bookworm (at yahoo). Then, back to work.
It's a nice Sunday!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

That Feeling...

How do you describe that feeling when you have finished a project knowing you did a good job and having enjoyed doing it every step of the way? It is more than a sense of accomplishment. I would say it was a job well-enjoyed and well-done from beginning to end.

Yes, I have finished lifting excerpts from an interesting book, "Beyond Disruption" by Jean-Marie Dru. Then, I came up with not one, but two, powerpoint versions. You see, I found the first one wordy and it lacked visuals. The second is condensed as I tried to remove as many extraneous words as I can find. With the extra space, I placed more pictures for greater visual appeal.

Praise God!

I have just said that I want to engage in creative thinking. Well, a number of people have told me that yes, they will give me creative assignments. And today, I was tasked to revise a company's website by giving suggestions for improvement and changing the wordings.

Moreover, I was asked to think of a good tagline for the said company. So, I came up with not one, but twenty-two, alternative taglines! Whew, quite taxing to the brain but what fun, too! I do hope the agency would be able to choose one of the 22, wishing that it is one of my personal favorites as well.

I love ginataang tahong! I ordered it for lunch...yummy! I also ate bopis (not bad).

The book I am currently reading for leisure is very interesting. It is a story of romance, family, success, vengeance and more. I am not yet half-way through but I just know I will enjoy reading the rest of the book, just like mom did. (I actually saw her clap her hands in satisfaction.) The Title? "Sins of Omission".

I was supposed to attend a client meeting today but I could not be fetched by my client-friend. It was a good thing since I have a bum stomach again.

All is well, all is well.