Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Presentation Time

My FGD report is done. It's 155 slides long but mostly due to the verbatims. I sent an advanced copy to the client and their only correction is to highlight the key verbatims.

So tomorrow is presentation time. Hope we won't arrive late again, like last time.

It's mom's 79th birthday tomorrow. I don't even have a gift for her. Prayers will do. Hope we can eat at Sushi-Ya tomorrow.

But on Sunday, there is a family celebration for her birthday, my cousin Karen who is here (she's based in Spain), and the graduates. Mom is making chicken salad.

Another nice pic.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last FGDs, Sickness, More Work

Last Friday, we had our last two FGDs in Lipa, Batangas. Instead of the usual Pajero, we used an old car. True enough it broke down. I decided to hitch with the Client. He was supposed to drop me off in Makati but we couldn't find a cab. He was kind enough to bring me all the way home. I gave him my cab money.

I felt sick and threw up a number of times. Last Saturday, I rested till about 3 pm. Then I started work on my rush report. I had to rest again after a few slides. I resumed working after dinner.

Today, I continued my report.

We haven't been paid a single centavo for our FGD project. So, the agency manager said that I shouldn't submit the report without our receiving at least the downpayment from the Client.

Saw this nice picture...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Projects on a Single Day

Today, I worked on three different projects.

One was on my FGD report. I finished putting verbatims on the appropriate sections.

The second one was a UAI report. It's supposed to be a nationwide study but the data tables I have are only for Luzon. So, I started making summary charts on Luzon.

The third project was another UAI report. The charts have already been made. So I just did some significance testing. I'm too tired to do any analysis tonight.

Good thing my friend, whom I invited over, couldn't make it. I was able to do a lot of work.

Practically the whole day, my internet was down. I called my technician-friend and he told me to disconnect my router and to connect my internet cable directly to my computer. I followed his instructions and so I was able to open my email, check for lotto results, and write this blog.
I have a friend who writes very well. (I quoted her recently.) I encouraged her to start her own blog. Blogging is so much fun. It can even be therapeutic!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nice Movies on a Weekend

Over the weekend, I watched two nice movies.

One was an old action film, "Bourne Identity", starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. I love the car chase scene. There was some romance even. Matt is so cute!

The other movie I watched was "Valentine's Day". It had an all-star cast including Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Shirley McClaine, Patrick Dempsey, Queen Latifah and many more. Very funny. Romantic without being mushy.

I also have been spending time working on my FGD report. It's already 90+ slides long because Client wants it to be verbatim-heavy. I am enjoying writing the report. Hope it turns out fine.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

50 Celebrating 50

Last night, I was fetched and heard mass in the nearby church.

Then we prayed the rosary going to DasmariƱas Village.

We attended a party of Maryknollers who have turned 50 or are turning 50. It was a great success. There were almost 50 who attended.

Someone led the prayer. Food was by Vicky Pimentel. I had fettucine carbonara, fish fillet, beef, chicken, salad, potatoes, and fruits. I didn't touch the sweet desserts.

We each had a cupcake and blew our candle.

We had a trivia game prepared by Min Quimson. Questions include:

1) Who was the president in 1960? (answer: Garcia)
2) Who are the members of the Apat na Sikat?
3) Name at least 2 love teams in D Sensation.
4) What was invented in 1974 that we use everyday at work. (answer: Post-It)
5) Who was the original chop-chop lady? (Lucila Lalu, everybody got the answer)
6) What was the most successful Filipino composition? (Anak)
7) What was the hometown of Ms. Jimenea?
8) What was the favorite expression of Sr. Miriam Jose?

And of course, lots of picture-taking!

Thanks to Chris Salinas-Manzano for hosting the party. Funny, she told her parents that we will hold the celebration in their house only the night before.

There were no dinner fees. But a collection was done to help one of us who has cancer which has spread to different parts of her body.

God bless us all!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mid-Life Crisis and More

I was cleaning up my inbox when I saw the following food for thought from a friend regarding mid-life crisis:

"I think it becomes a crisis only when one loses direction. At midlife, one get's slapped with the reality of one's mortality and you become aware of a gnawing ache in the heart that will keep you searching for something you can not explain... the restlessness becomes overpowering.. and then you realize that what you are looking for is the peace that only God can give."

Beautiful and profound, don't you think?

I started doing my FGD report. I'm excited about it because I love coming up with diagrams.

The last two groups were rescheduled for next Friday. Yehey. That means I don't have to hurry from Batangas to DasmariƱas Village tomorrow. I have a ride already to and from the party which is the 50th birthday celebration of Maryknollers in my batch. As of last count, there will be 45 attendees. It would be fun!

I had lunch with my friend-client. It's her birthday treat for me. Almost a month late. We ate at Tong Yang along Quezon Avenue. It was eat and drink all you can, shabu-shabu. I enjoyed the food. But we couldn't finish it all.

I watched "I Love You, Goodbye" starring Angelica Panganiban, Gabby Concepcion and Derek Ramsay. Not bad. Good enough for me to watch till the end, even when mom was calling to dinner already.
Here's a beautiful picture:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Work and A Movie

The FGD last Friday went well. It was a lively group, the best of the three FGDs so far.

But, we had to wait for the secretary to arrive. She was 20 minutes late. And the spaghetti from Kenny Rogers was spoiled. We had it exchanged for chicken and rice.

Last night, I watched a funny movie entitled "Paul Blart: Mall Cop". I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Yesterday and today, I listened back to tapes to check the transcription.

New work came in. Will continue doing it tomorrow. I'm tired.

I'm concerned about what is happening in other parts of the world. Especially in Japan.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Down, Three to Go

The Cavite FGD pushed through yesterday. It went pretty okay.

We were even able to catch part of the Ash Wednesday mass.

Today, we went to Lipa, Batanagas. We were very early. We had brunch consisting of bulalo, sisig, liempo, and ampalaya.

The group did not achieve the mix Client wanted so we have to come up with a mini-group next week.

Tomorrow, we have yet another FGD in Metro Manila. At least, no long distance travelling.

Looks like this project won't make any money. But I'm determined to do a good job, nevertheless.

BTW, a funny incident happened a while ago. Our driver went to the wrong lane (E-Pass). When he reached the tollgate, he said "emergency" and sort of looked at me. The guards must have seen my cane (I was seated in front) and said we can go. Ha ha. I told the driver to go to confession tomorrow.

Oh well, I'm tired. It's time to rest.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ballet On a Saturday Night

Yesterday, I did the tab specs for a project. I couldn't do the questionnaire for the same client because it is quite difficult. Will work on it tomorrow.

Last night, I watched my niece dance ballet. The best number was "Magandang Gabi" because it was lively. In the "Under the Sea" portion, my niece played the role of Sebastian, the crab/lobster. (Her surname happens to be Sebastian, too.) She danced the Moonwalk! ha ha.
She was all smiles when she performs. Great to look at.

Then, we ate dinner at Pancake House. Most of us had the house special set consisting of spaghetti, taco and chicken. Delicious!

Today, I had my FGD materials printed and photocopied. There were so many of them I paid a total of P1198. But I'm glad I was practically alone in the shop so I was serviced quickly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

First Friday

I was early for First Friday mass so I was able to go to Confession. Feels good to be granted forgiveness, attend mass and receive Holy Communion.

The homily was about the three elements of prayer: prayer of faith, expectant prayer, and prayer of charity. I should be reminded of this whenever I pray for something such as the successful conduct of my FGD.

I am also praying the 24 Glory Be Novena to St. Therese of the Child Jesus. It starts with a short prayer. Then 24 Glory Be's with "St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Pray for Us" in between.

Another UAI (usage, attitude and image) study came in. I have to formulate the questionnaire but it seems difficult. Requires a lot of thinking. Another challenge.

On March 18, there will be a joint celebration among Maryknollers who turned 50 (or will turn 50). No dinner fees required. Hope I can make it.

Tomorrow, I will be watching my niece dance ballet. It's good to get out of the condo to be entertained.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things are Quiet

Mom has been away since yesterday morning. I see my son only in the morning and late evening. So I'm pretty much alone most of the day. Things are quiet.

Yesterday, I returned to plastic bags the plates, glasses and utensils. But it was my son who placed them inside the cabinets.

My FGD project - with the increase in cost - got approved after all. I am praying that all will go well. It's a rather difficult project but I welcome the challenge and of course, I need the money.

I have been playing scrabble on FB again. I am losing more often than winning. So my average is down to 50%. Oh no.

I have my period again after an "absence" of three months. I thought I had my menopause already. Actually, I can't wait. Having menstruation is such a hassle. But I'm thankful that I don't suffer from dysmenorrhea or PMS.

I would like to end by saying...I love God! Because He loves me so!