Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Better

Looks like my pain killers, Velcade and Recormon are working. I have much less pain these days although I still need assistance in rising from bed. Thank God!

I'm glad when mom goes out to spend time with her friends or relatives. She needs the "recreation". Today, she went to Greenhills with her sister, niece and grand-niece. They ate in a Chinese Restaurant. She said the food was delicious but did not order food for me because she did not want to carry it around while they went shopping. She bought espasol, puto seko, and tableya.

It is my son's day-off today. So, he cooked liempo for lunch. We had a little time for bonding. Then he left to watch a movie and help out in the store because they have a big sale tomorrow.

I used the time to read a book I started yesterday, "Deadly Grace" by Taylor Smith. Interesting. But I'm not half-way through yet.

I had some work yesterday but none today. So it really is rest day today.

I heard mass in the Internet. I was once more reminded to trust in God.

One of my projects was postponed till late July. I was supposed to do a report today and tomorrow. I hope more projects will come in.

I really enjoy watching "100 Days to Heaven". I hope it doesn't end anytime soon.

I might be visited by two marketing research friends this Saturday. I am looking forward to their visit.

Monday, June 27, 2011

2 Funny Movies, 1 Book, and Visit to the Hospital

Work came in and ended Saturday. To reward myself, I watched television and was fortunate enough to view "Trading Places" a comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. My brother came to visit and recognized the movie as a hit in the 80's. That's how old it is.

I also got to watch "Top Secret!" starring Val Kilmer. Funny, too, but I prefer the humor in "Trading Places".

Yesterday, my mom attended my aunt's birthday blowout at Josephine's in Tagaytay. After hearing TV mass, I got sleepy so I gave in to the temptation of lying down in bed to sleep. By lunch time, I couldn't get up at all! So I had to make do with Maxx's menthol candy (cherry flavor) and some galletas de patatas. I also used the time to finish reading "Shadow Fires". Nice book! Very thrilling from beginning till end.

Today, we went to the hospital. My son came along but he left at once to catch more sleep. I had some blood tests. I spent almost an hour in the CR to urinate but nothing came out. So, I had breakfast of lomi at the canteen and drank water. I was able to urinate in the chemo room and mom gave the sample urine for urinalysis.

I had to receive another medicine via IV for more than two hours. Mom brought me lunch of Wendy's bacon mushroom melt and Potato Corner sour cream flavor but I was not able to finish either one.

I received Velcade treatment. One of those under study said that three of those who were part of the study have already passed away. He has four daughters from grade 2 to fourth year high school.

Then mom and I went to my doctor's clinic. We waited awhile. I was able to pray my rosary. My lab results were good - either improved or within normal levels. Yehey. I can also feel less pain these days.

Praise God!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Visitor

Yesterday, another Maryknoller friend visited me. She gave me holy water, some money and pizza. We prayed the 3 o'clock prayer and the Chaplet to the Divine Mercy. I gave her one of my pictures which she will bring to healing masses. What a dear friend!

Another friend and group of friends were supposed to visit me today. But some things came up so both visits were postponed.

Due to the bad weather, I have cough and colds. I drank a glass of calamansi this morning.

Work came in, due Saturday but I'm almost done. Unless I will be asked to summarize the responses to the questionnaire.

I'm reading another book by Dean Koontz entitled "Shadow Fires". As my mom described it, never a dull moment so I'm eager to keep reading it.

I'm wearing my brace again. Somehow eases the pain on my back.

Monday, June 20, 2011

And the Verdict?

We showed the x-ray results and that of my ultrasound to my hematologist. All my latest pains are simply due to my multiple myeloma. At least I don't have any new illness like thrombosis or whatever.

Yesterday morning, I wet our bed. Poor mom! She had to forego going to church. She later joined me to hear mass over the internet.

My sister and three of her kids came for a visit. They brought puto and kutsinta with niyog.
I was watching "Titatic". As requested by my mom, my sister brought bells for me to call my mom. One was placed beside my bed, the other in the bathroom.

It was raining heavily this yesterday and this morning. I thought my friend won't be able to come but she did come today. She brought Max's whole chicken and lomi, and French Baker raisin bread and pastries. So we were able to have dinner.

My friend and I had a good chat, going through Facebook pictures of her granddaughter. We talked about common friends, the future, my illness, etc. Nice visit!

I was able to watch my son's dvd of "Remember Me". Beautiful movie. Romance, family, drama, and tragedy. Robert Pattinson's acting was superb!

Some days ago, I finished reading "Paradox". Nice book but the ending is "bitin."

I asked my doctor what stage I am in, she confirmed I am still in Stage 3. With multiple myeloma, there is no stage 4. I checked in the internet, for stage 3, the prognosis or life expectancy is 29 months. Indeed, some of my doctors have died already just this year. But I am not scared. Either God will heal me, or extend my life. But should He decide to get me, I am ready anytime...except that I have to go to Confession.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Each Step, a Thank You

These days, each step I take is a victory and I silently pray, "Thank You, Lord". Similarly when...

...I am able to sit down

...I am able to stand up

...I am able lie down

...I am able to rise from bed

...I am able to go to the bathroom and relieve myself

...I am able to take a bath

...and more! Praise God!

I will again be receiving visitors instead of going out. Last night, three Maryknoller friends dropped by. They brought taho, fresh lumpia, guyabano and bananas. It was such a delight to see them! One showed pictures from her laptop. Too bad they could not stay long because they will visit another batchmate who has cancer.

Next Thursday, I will have another set of visitors. This time, sisters from community. I'm sure they will pray over me.

All I have to do is text or call my close friends and they will come over. What are friends for?

My chatmate said that I may be enjoying the attention. Maybe so, maybe so. But isn't that a very human desire? I never said I was perfect. All I know that seeing my friends make me happy.

Here are a couple of jokes I cracked yesterday.

1) Use seizure in a sentence.
I like walking by the seizure.

2) Anong presa ang hindi inaasahan?
Edi sor-presa!

He he
Today, my aunt and uncle and a friend of theirs visited me and my mom. They stayed for over an hour. I particularly entertained them while mom was dressing up and putting on make-up. My aunt brought guava. Yehey.

Recently, I watched part of "Bewitched" on cable TV, starring Nicole Kidman and Will Farrel. Funny movie.

I had fun coloring my coloring books yesterday. As well as answering crossword puzzles online.

It's a wonderful world! I love that song so much I made it my ringtone for my cellphone.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Can I Do?

Last Monday, we went to my other home - the hospital.

I had some laboratory tests taken. I saw my two doctors.

My creatinine is up, my hemoglobin remains low, and there is the extreme pain on my left leg or hip joint to be particular plus pain on my right breast.

Both my doctors recommended X-ray and ultrasound. They also took me off certain medicines including Thalidomide which may have caused the pain.

So today, I, my mom and son went early to the hospital. My son was very helpful in carrying me so I can lie down for x-ray and ultrasound.

We were the first in line for the x-ray. Then, I went for ultrasound and they used a brand new equipment. The doctor said this was a sort of inaugural use of the machine - only on its fourth day. They had an expert in Singapore to help.

There were times when I was asked to make "iri" (as if I was moving my bowels). I said to the doctors, "Careful about asking me to make iri. I feel like farting". They all laughed.

After lunch and sleeping, I called up a sister-friend in community. She adviced me to call up certain people to tell them my condition, and to find out how they are.

I am expecting some people to visit. Yey. I love seeing friends. My going out is very limited to the hospital these days.
I just read in Yahoo of a lotto winner abroad who is on dialysis but intends to give away part of his winnings to the poor?

How I wish I can help the needy financially but I am not able to do so. One of my frustrations.

So I can think of two ministries - prayer for others and this blog site. I hope God will use my writing skills to greater use.

My prayer is: "Lord, please use me. I want to be of help to others as much as I can. I know that you did not create me to be useless. Here I am, Lord, willing to be used by You as an instrument of love and joy."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Old Movies

Recently, I watched two favorite movies for the nth time - "Slumdog Millionnaire" and "Facing the Giants".

Why do I keep watching these movies? Aside from the fact that they are among the few working DVDs I own, I love their stories. "Slumdog Millionnaire" is about undying love, mixed with humor and suspense. "Facing the Giants" is about faith against all odds.

I'm reading a book entitled "Paradox". A suspense thriller with romance in it, written by Echo Heron. Interesting book. I'm almost half-way through.

I am crazy over Maxx menthol candies. I am eating different variants - honey-mansi, honey and cherry. I have to watch my sugar though.

My friend bought a franchise for Itlog on a Stick. Hope it sells well. She promised to bring me some of her products.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Second Home

I go often to the hospital, it's my second home! Ha ha

Yesterday, I went to the chemo room for my Velcade treatment. For lunch, we had Chinese food.

Today, we went back to the chemo room for blood transfusion. You see, although my platelets are up, my hemoglobin is done.

It took so long for one unit of blood to be used up.

My sister lent her car and driver. We got picked up. After mom dropped me off, she did some errands.

Turns out my sister had to use the car, too. So my mom was in a foul mood by the time we reached home. I learned to keep silent when she is in such a mood.

My sister keeps giving me food. Last Sunday, she brought barbecue, fresh and fried lumpia and chicken inasal.

Last night, my sister brought pancit palabok from Little Quiapo and Chicken a la King from KFC. For mom, she bought Nathaniel's puto and buchi. Sweet, sweet sister!

Work came in. Actually some revisions on a report I've done.
My report is due for writing end of this month. The presentation is due July 1. I feel bad because client had asked for a discount.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's confirmed. I do have a relapse but only to a small degree. Since we really can't afford the expensive medicine, we will just continue with my maintenance meds.

I am in great pain so I can hardly do anything in the house - not even to get water or wash the dishes. Poor mom. It's a good thing the pain killer I am taking is strong enough.

Concerned family and friends have been calling and texting and mom and I have updated them. Bless them.

Oh boy, the pain is painful, the hurt is hurtful, the torture is torturous...but the worst part is being a burden to my loved ones.

I just finished two reports. I might have an FGD project but I am thinking of passing on the moderating to a friend and I will just do the analysis.

So somebody has finally won the P300+ million jackpot in the grand lotto who lives in the squatters area. They immediately left the place and went to the province. Wise move!

I gained back some weight but at least I am in the 130's.

Yesterday, I had diarrhea. I took Immodium. Then at 2 am, my tummy ached so mom gave me Buscopan.

Some good news, I have two "fans" in the hospital. My mom is fond of talking to people seated beside her. Two women told her I look pretty. Ha ha.

Another good news, a client insisted that I present the results of a project. They said they liked the way I present.

Oh well, you take the good with the bad, mix them together and things are not all that bad.