Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day before my Birthday

Last night's FGD was so-so. Could have been better.

I was supposed to facilate again tonight but I thought I had a client meeting. Turned out, the meeting didn't push through. That's okay because I'm not in the mood for facilitating tonight.

I just worked again on my long report.

It's the day before my birthday. Already, I am receiving a lot of birthday greetings.

So, I will be turning 49 tomorrow. Yahoo! Not quite a golden girl yet but I have one year to relish before I can officially say I lived for half a century.

Whenever I reminisce, I always think, I lived a good life. I had my share of fun times and good times. I also had my fair share of sorrows and trials, just like everyone. But I wouldn't exchange places with anyone! And I doubt if any one would want to exchange places with me! ha ha. After all I have gone through!

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of life. Please give me many more years to live.

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