Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ordinary Days Can Be Fun

There were no special occasions recently but I still had fun...

...I enjoy working on another report, the FGD I told you about. It is far from completed but the deadline is still next week. So, I am taking my sweet time.

...I finished reading "Depraved Indifference" and liked it.

...My mom bought chicharon with fat. It's as good as Lapid's!

...My friend visited me last Thursday. She brought carbonara from Amici. We talked about family, health, etc. She said I look good.

...A client-friend asked a favor from me. In return, he gave me cake (Mango Bravo) from Conti's. Delicious!

...Mom bought churros con chocolate from Dulcinea. Yummy!

...My sister and niece dropped by today. They brought lunch (Chinese food) - asado, fish fillet, lemon chicken and yang chow.

...Another friend came over and brought puting pancit. Tastes good!

...My aunt gave us lots of mangoes from my cousin's farm. My Kuya brought them and he got some for his family.

...My client's husband picked up the box of questionnaires and gave my payment. Yey.

...I keep chatting with friends at FB, YM and Skype. Someone invited me to join Google+, another social networking site. But I'm satisfied with FB already. It would be too time-consuming to maintain more than one site.

If you haven't noticed I'm a food addict. Hope I don't gain back the over 20 lbs. I lost.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Past Few Days

Sorry, I was not able to post anything since Friday. Been quite busy.

Good news is I was able to finish my report, all 108 slides of it. I enjoyed doing it. I'm glad I know Excel and Powerpoint. Makes things easier.

I finished reading, "The Sigma Protocol". Typical Robert Ludlum novel. Exciting.

I am now reading "Depraved Indifference". Interesting, too.

This world is a fun place with the abundance of books, do you agree?

Last Sunday, we had a family gettogether at my sister's place. She just had a procedure on her legs so she requested that the venue be her house. The occasion was Daddy's birthday, God bless his soul.

I was the one who volunteered the fact that I have lost weight. The others agreed.

I'm glad I did not throw up. Food was pancit malabon, inihaw na liempo, chicken inasal, puto, manggang hilaw with bagoong, softdrinks, chocolates, cheese with crackers and bubble gum. Even if I had work to do, I don't regret seeing members of my family.

The car used by my niece was rather a big one. I had difficulty getting inside. So, we borrowed my sister's stool so I can step on it while riding and embarking down the vehicle.
Last Monday, mom and I went to the hospital. It's a good thing there was one wheelchair left. After the blood test and staying in the canteen (I had avocado milkshake and kropek), we went to the new chemo room. Quite a distance.

We waited long. We read the books we brought along, anticipating the long wait.

We reached home just a few minutes before Pnoy's SONA.
My thoughts on the SONA? Good enough. Lacking in literary style but rich in heart and sincerity. Keep it up, Mr. President!

I have another project coming up. It's a four-group FGD report due to Client on August 8. The two groups pushed through yesterday but the two others were postponed due to bad weather.
Hope the notes will be okay/adequate enough to come up with a good analysis.

Here's a cute picture.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Visits

Last Wednesday, I had two sets of visitors.

The first was around lunchtime. Two friends (a brother and sister) visited me, bringing along pasta from Bellini's. After eating, we played scrabble and several games of Crazy 8. Then, we had a poetry session, composing a poem entitled "We".

They had to leave to go to their office.

Later, towards evening, a client-friend arrived with another client. We discussed a research project for their parish. I have to do both tabulation and analysis of data in a week's time.

So that is what has been keeping me busy these past few days. Almost 200 sheets/questionnaires of three pages each! I started with the close-ended questions. I am not yet done.

I am still not through reading "The Sigma Protocol". Exciting but I need to work.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on Me

Since my last post, what has been happening to me?

...I started reading Robert Ludlum's "The Sigma Protocol". Exciting enough but I'm not through.

...My sister and niece visited and they brought Reyes barbecue for me. I couldn't eat the java rice so I just ate the pork barbecue (one stick). The other stick, my son ate.

...Mom and I went to the hospital. Waited long for a wheelchair. Mom had to get from the Emergency Room. We had lunch at the canteen but I didn't like the pancit bihon. I drank calamansi juice and ate cheese-flavored potato chips from Potato Corner. We waited long for my Velcade treatment. The nurse had a hard time looking for a vein on my left hand.

...I re-watched "All About Steve". Funny movie with a nice message.

...I chatted with several friends at FB. Some of them are visiting me.

...I had a video call from my friend in Cebu. Good thing my webcam is still working.

...I still puke and feel like puking. Small price to pay for my free medicine. And I lost more weight. I'm down to 127 lbs.

...I also poohed on my underwear again. Bum stomach. Had to take a bath in the morning. Ewww! (Sorry for the things I reveal in this blog.)

...Still following "100 Days to Heaven". Makes me laugh and cry.

...Next Sunday, our family will get together to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Venue is my sister's house.

...Our family friend graciously will shoulder the cost of my mom's 80th birthday party next year. 50 guests.

...My project has not come. So I am still relatively free these days.

...I love Peking duck! So does my mom.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Days Are Long

Yep, the days seem long because I have no work. I will be doing some tabulation of 150 questionnaires next week. Looking forward to it.

I watched "Everybody's Fine", starring Robert de Niro. Nice movie.

I finished reading "In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner" by Elizabeth George. Good book.

My sister is back from Australia but I haven't heard from her.

I might watch another movie tonight. Or, I could start reading another book - by Robert Ludlum.

I have cough and cold. I'm taking Solmux along with my other medicines. Hope I don't catch pneumonia again.

I asked mom to cook binagoongan for me. But I puked after the first bite. Then, I requested monggo with danggit. Was able to eat it without throwing up. Mom also bought Lapid's chicharon. Yey.

Mom went to a lunch party today. She brought home some churros with chocolate.

I need to see a priest for Confession. Sinful me.

My son's best friend is due home soon. He is finally through with his studies. I think they are planning to put up a business, maybe a farm. Not sure if that's a wise decision.

I have several pledges of visits from friends. Can't wait to see them.

The new Diagnostic Center at the hospital is due to open on Monday. I might go there for my Velcade treatment. But the blood tests will remain as they are, with the laboratory on the first floor.

I have been chatting with friends at FB. Good use of my time.

Discovered a singer on YouTube as recommended by a friend. Her name is Adele, an English. Great singing voice. One can easily overlook her being overweight.

I keep playing online scrabble at I win about 80% of the time. I play against robots or the computer. I have yet to come back to play scrabble against humans at FB.

The pain is so much less these days. I still use the swivel chair to go about but I can now stand up longer.

It is my father's birthday on July 24. I hope we will have a family gettogether.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still No Work

Last Monday, we went to the hospital late. Someone went to the condo to draw blood while I lay down. (It was too early, I was still sleepy.) So we came to the hospital at lunchtime. There was no wheelchair but one came soon enough.

Yesterday, I had a bum stomach so I poohed on my underwear again twice. Ewww! So I drank Immodium again.

I chatted with a friend in Cebu through Skype.

I keep puking or wanting to. So my weight is down to 128 lbs. I feel so light already!

Today is my son's day-off. Yehey. But he's out now. He might meet up with his dad.

I still don't have work. I'm raring to work again but no project has come. Oh well.

I've finished reading "The MacGregors" by Nora Roberts. Romance with plenty of bed scenes. For a change.

I am now reading another book. Back to a mystery book.

My mom is being massaged right now, something I cannot enjoy due to brittle bones.

Some friends might visit me. Looking forward to it.

Maybe it's time for me to write something...a book, a screenplay, a poem...anything!

I saw parts of "Die Hard" for the nth time. It's one of my favorite action movie, starring Bruce Willis.

Let me reminisce...

...when I was young, I remember daydreaming in front of our large dresser mirror. I was a beauty queen, a singer, a dancer, some famous person. I'm glad I have outgrown such dreams of fame and popularity.

...when we were still in our old house, I loved the food that our cook would make: chicken relleno, lumpiang ubod with egg wrapper, crispy pata, monggo with dilis, tinapa or danggit, etc. Yummy! No wonder I was so heavy then.

...when I was growing up, boys/men would take notice of me and my sister. Suitors will come and visit, call up, send letters, gifts and flowers. Oh the attention we got then!

...when my son was a kid, we would eat at McDonalds, KFC, TGIF (the last was our favorite but it's quite expensive). We would go to the malls - North Edsa, Galleria, Megamall and Shangrila. I miss those days!

...when I was working, I really dressed up to impress and to feel good. I would borrow clothes from my mom.

...when I was active in my Catholic Charismatic Community, I would attend prayer meetings, intercession, retreats, worship, daily mass. I felt so close to God then. Now I am trying to rekindle such closeness to Him in the confines of our condo.

...when I was still studying, I was very studious. I would read textbooks, do my homework as soon as I reached home. No wonder I ended up with honors.

Happy days. I choose to dwell in them. But I still look forward to the future. As well as enjoy the present moment.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's Been Happening in My Life

Not much. No projects except for one continuation and a proposal.

So far, no movies worth watching on TV (or so I think). But my mom and I continue to enjoy watching "100 Days to Heaven".

I finished reading "All Fall Down" by Erica Splinder. Great book. I started another book, this time, a romance one. Interesting.

I keep playing online scrabble for free. Thanks to

I hear mass in the Internet whenever I can. I pray the rosary.

Once in a while, I talk to friends over the phone or chat with them through Skype or Facebook.

I still feel like puking when I eat so I am limited to salads, fruits and soup. I feel myself getting lighter.

It's hard to imagine that I was once 190 lbs. heavy! I'm now down to 130 lbs., last time I weighed. My sugar is also good at about 6.

A friend is going to visit me this week. She will bring carbonara.

I was able to pay my June taxes and compute for second quarter (nothing to pay). My dear mom was the one who went to the bank and BIR.

My mom's "rayuma" is acting up. She was not able to go to church today so she heard mass on TV instead.

Tomorrow, we are back to the hospital for Velcade treatment. Before that, someone will come here in the condo to get blood sample for my CBC.

Am I boring you? Sorry. My days are ho-hum. Hope they become more interesting for you to read about.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday, I had a bum stomach...such that I poohed on my underwear three times. The last was the worst, with shit on the toilet bowl seat, the floor, on my thighs and legs. Ewww! Poor mom! She had to clean up for me.

I weigh 130 lbs. I aim to be in the 120's. With little rice, this is achievable.

Today, for the first time in several weeks, I was able to rise up in bed. I did it three times today. Yehey! A major achievement! And I can walk around slowly. Thank God!

I emailed work today. Expecting payment soon.

It is my son's day-off so he accompanied my mom to the grocery.

I finished reading Tom Clancy's "The Teeth of the Tiger". Very interesting. I enjoyed reading it.

I also get to play scrabble these days, playing against robots or the computer. I almost always win.

I greeted my friend whose birthday is today. I remember I called her up on her birthday some years ago and I didn't even greet her. She cried. From then on, I swore to remember her birthday.

I learned from my friend that she has a relative who also had cancer of the bone marrow. He has passed away. I am again reminded of my mortality. Am I ready to meet my Creator?

Flowers, anyone?

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Last Friday and today, I am ashamed to say that I poohed on my bed. Poor mom! You see, I could not get up right away, not aware that I already had shit in my underwear. Ewww! I took a bath in the morning of both days.

I finished reading "Deadly Grace". Nice book. I started reading "Teeth of the Tiger" by Tom Clancy. Many characters but looks interesting.

My sister dropped by last Friday to bring food from Goldilocks - fresh lumpia and pancit palabok. Palatable enough.

You see, these days, I find myself feeling like puking. I haven't been eating much rice and fried food.

I watched "Master of Disguise". It's a comedy but I didn't like the humor that much though it had a story worth sticking around till the end.

I have been playing online scrabble and crossword puzzles. Keeps my mind busy.

Yes, the pain is getting less and less each day. Yehey.

Praise God!