Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Note-taking/Dinner with a Friend

Today, I spent time taking down more notes from the book I borrowed. I am more than halfway through. It's different when you're typing something than when you're just reading it. You somehow get to absorb the material more.

In the evening, I went out with Jobert. We went to Super Bowl in Gateway. He ate vegetables (two kinds). I ate their Super Bowl special - yang chow rice with four kinds of toppings. We both had calamansi juice without sugar.

Jobert looks good! He must have lost a lot of weight already. He is on a strict vegetarian diet and has given up Coke Zero. I'm envious!

But I know I will be miserable on a diet of pure vegetables. Oh well, I will start by giving up or minimizing my Coke Zero. I shall also try to minimize my overall intake of food. Can I do it? No harm in trying.

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