Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, Alone-Day

I'm all alone today as my son had to go to work.

I kept sleeping zzzzzz

I did some work and emailed to client.

I played online scrabble and reached 456 points before I quit! Yahoo! My all time high! That's because I had two scrabbles (totters and plotting).


The book I am reading is making me think of coming up with my own bucket list. Hmmm. What exactly do I want to do before I "kick the bucket"?

Because of my physical limitations and budgetary constraints, my bucket list may look different from other people's bucket lists. A lot of writing. Something like before I go, I'd like to write an inspiring book, a moving song, an eye-opening movie, a funny stageplay, etc.

I also would like to reach out and serve other people - orphans, poor children, female inmates, the homeless, the depressed, etc. How? By joining outreach programs and joining my friends who are already helping these people.

I pray that God will give me a long life so I can accomplish all the items in my bucket list.

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