Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why I'm Addicted

Yes, that's right. I'm practically addicted to online scrabble.

I play against the "robot"or the computer. I have advanced to advanced level.

I get to learn new words - the spelling of new words at least. The meanings, I have to look them up.

I discover new ways of playing the game. For instance, I recently discovered that when the word "hint" lights up, there's a potentially high scoring word that I have to figure out. They give up to three hints. Which letters (if not all) are to be used. The word begins with what letter and ends with what letter. And where should the letters be placed. And there's the dictionary. Many times I end up guessing the word. And sometimes, I come up with a word with a higher score than what the computer had in mind! Ha ha. Could it be? I'm smarter than the computer?

My highest score is 456. My personal best is three scrabble words in one game. For me, a game where I scored 400+ is good enough.

My friends prefer to play Farmville in Facebook. I prefer to play online scrabble in www.pogo.games. Try it!

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