Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ballet On a Saturday Night

Yesterday, I did the tab specs for a project. I couldn't do the questionnaire for the same client because it is quite difficult. Will work on it tomorrow.

Last night, I watched my niece dance ballet. The best number was "Magandang Gabi" because it was lively. In the "Under the Sea" portion, my niece played the role of Sebastian, the crab/lobster. (Her surname happens to be Sebastian, too.) She danced the Moonwalk! ha ha.
She was all smiles when she performs. Great to look at.

Then, we ate dinner at Pancake House. Most of us had the house special set consisting of spaghetti, taco and chicken. Delicious!

Today, I had my FGD materials printed and photocopied. There were so many of them I paid a total of P1198. But I'm glad I was practically alone in the shop so I was serviced quickly.

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