Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Down, Three to Go

The Cavite FGD pushed through yesterday. It went pretty okay.

We were even able to catch part of the Ash Wednesday mass.

Today, we went to Lipa, Batanagas. We were very early. We had brunch consisting of bulalo, sisig, liempo, and ampalaya.

The group did not achieve the mix Client wanted so we have to come up with a mini-group next week.

Tomorrow, we have yet another FGD in Metro Manila. At least, no long distance travelling.

Looks like this project won't make any money. But I'm determined to do a good job, nevertheless.

BTW, a funny incident happened a while ago. Our driver went to the wrong lane (E-Pass). When he reached the tollgate, he said "emergency" and sort of looked at me. The guards must have seen my cane (I was seated in front) and said we can go. Ha ha. I told the driver to go to confession tomorrow.

Oh well, I'm tired. It's time to rest.

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