Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Three Projects on a Single Day

Today, I worked on three different projects.

One was on my FGD report. I finished putting verbatims on the appropriate sections.

The second one was a UAI report. It's supposed to be a nationwide study but the data tables I have are only for Luzon. So, I started making summary charts on Luzon.

The third project was another UAI report. The charts have already been made. So I just did some significance testing. I'm too tired to do any analysis tonight.

Good thing my friend, whom I invited over, couldn't make it. I was able to do a lot of work.

Practically the whole day, my internet was down. I called my technician-friend and he told me to disconnect my router and to connect my internet cable directly to my computer. I followed his instructions and so I was able to open my email, check for lotto results, and write this blog.
I have a friend who writes very well. (I quoted her recently.) I encouraged her to start her own blog. Blogging is so much fun. It can even be therapeutic!

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