Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last FGDs, Sickness, More Work

Last Friday, we had our last two FGDs in Lipa, Batangas. Instead of the usual Pajero, we used an old car. True enough it broke down. I decided to hitch with the Client. He was supposed to drop me off in Makati but we couldn't find a cab. He was kind enough to bring me all the way home. I gave him my cab money.

I felt sick and threw up a number of times. Last Saturday, I rested till about 3 pm. Then I started work on my rush report. I had to rest again after a few slides. I resumed working after dinner.

Today, I continued my report.

We haven't been paid a single centavo for our FGD project. So, the agency manager said that I shouldn't submit the report without our receiving at least the downpayment from the Client.

Saw this nice picture...

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