Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mid-Life Crisis and More

I was cleaning up my inbox when I saw the following food for thought from a friend regarding mid-life crisis:

"I think it becomes a crisis only when one loses direction. At midlife, one get's slapped with the reality of one's mortality and you become aware of a gnawing ache in the heart that will keep you searching for something you can not explain... the restlessness becomes overpowering.. and then you realize that what you are looking for is the peace that only God can give."

Beautiful and profound, don't you think?

I started doing my FGD report. I'm excited about it because I love coming up with diagrams.

The last two groups were rescheduled for next Friday. Yehey. That means I don't have to hurry from Batangas to DasmariƱas Village tomorrow. I have a ride already to and from the party which is the 50th birthday celebration of Maryknollers in my batch. As of last count, there will be 45 attendees. It would be fun!

I had lunch with my friend-client. It's her birthday treat for me. Almost a month late. We ate at Tong Yang along Quezon Avenue. It was eat and drink all you can, shabu-shabu. I enjoyed the food. But we couldn't finish it all.

I watched "I Love You, Goodbye" starring Angelica Panganiban, Gabby Concepcion and Derek Ramsay. Not bad. Good enough for me to watch till the end, even when mom was calling to dinner already.
Here's a beautiful picture:

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