Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Has Been Keeping Me Busy

How do you keep busy when there is no work to do?

First, I came up with five story concepts for a TV show. I submitted them to my friend, hoping that at least one will meet her approval. I have yet to hear from her.

I finished reading a book by James Patterson, "Black Friday". Great reading.

I'm now reading a book on short mystery stories. I'm just on my second story.

I watched movies:

..."Dear John" on DVD. Nice romantic movie.

..."Kimi Dora" starring Eugene Domingo. Really funny!

...Part of "The Haunting in Connecticut". Scary especially since it's a true story.

It feels good to be well. It's been a whole week since I arrived home from the hospital. No coughing since then.

I had my hair cut. I feel lighter. And there's less falling hair.

Tell me the truth, do I bore you with these minute details of my life? Ha ha.

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