Monday, January 31, 2011

Meeting Went Well

Instead of fetching me at 12, my friend arrived at 1 pm so I ate spaghetti for lunch first.

We were early at the Client's office.
The meeting went well. Haha. At first, I was nervous. They all thought I was feeling cold because my hands were shaking. So we transferred venue. (That's usually the case when I do presentations. My first words are "shaky". But as I go along, the nervousness disappears. I hope I won't start nervous again on Wednesday, the final presentation to two owners and two managers aside from the two employees we met with today.)

There were only a few minor corrections on the report and I was able to make most of the revisions when I arrived home.

After the meeting, by the way, we had an early dinner at Dencio's in Araneta, Cubao. We had chicharon bulaklak, calamares, pancit, special sisig, and molo soup. Yummy!

I was paid another partial amount.

What a great day!

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