Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

I may have missed last Christmas' family gettogether, but I made sure that I went to today's party. I wasn't 100% well but I wanted to see everyone.

We went to our aunt's place in ParaƱaque. Except for a sister-in-law, we were complete.

I just ate pancit, kaldereta, lechon and siomai. Later, I ate sugar-free ice cream and kropek. There was a lot more other food like prawns, Pixie's bangus, lumpiang shanghai, macaroni, chicken salad, caesar's salad, cashew, chocolates, food for the gods...

We watched a concert by Lea Salonga on DVD.

I took a nap. Some played mah jongg.

We borrowed books from my aunt. I got four books - 3 by James Patterson and 1 by Dan Brown.

I begged my brother to take a picture of me for my FB profile but he said I'm not pretty enough. Haha.
Last night, I watched a suspenseful movie entitled, "Taken", starring Liam Neeson. It's about a father who is a retired agent. His daughter is taken by a group of human traffickers and sold because she is a virgin. Father seeks daughter and of course, finds her in the end. Not without killing or hurting about 50 people.

Today, I got to watch part of the same movie. Nice!
I've got a bum stomach. What a way to start the year. But thanks for Imodium, looks like I'll be okay.

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