Friday, March 26, 2010

Eating Out Again

Tonight, I went out with Jobert. First we went to Bagoong Club. Our second time to be there. He is on a diet so he did not eat rice and no meat. We shared the laing. He ate tuna belly. I ate binagoongan special and garlic rice. He had calamansi juice and I had my usual Coke Zero. We talked about confidential stuff. Ha ha. Since it's confidential, I cannot repeat the conversation here.

Jobert was about to bring me home when he said he is still too early for his next appointment. So we decided to go to Bellini's. He ordered red wine, I had Coke Zero, and we ate an appetizer with eggplant, tomatoes and cheese. (I didn't bother getting the name.)

When we were in the basement of the condo, Jobert's celphone was acting up so we had to fix the problem first. When everything was okay, I went down and said goodbye.

My dear friend Jobert. Hope he finds the love of his life.

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