Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Ordinary Day

Still no work today. But the good thing is that it's my son's day off. And he did not have to leave the condo for bible study. He just left awhile to go to the gym downstairs.

He showed me his farm in Farmville. He has three mansions already. And his farm is large. Currently, he is growing flowers.

For dinner, he cooked macaroni with cheese. Ha ha. He himself said it's good more for a side dish.

My mom has to have her kidney stone removed tomorrow. And she has a cyst on her kidney. Poor mom!

So what did I do today? Slept, took a bath, checked my inbox, listened to bible reflection, attended Internet mass, read Internet news, colored my coloring book, and prayed the rosary. Oh well, some days are more exciting than others.

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