Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party Time

Yesterday, I attended the 50th birthday party of my friend, Bangy. He is also a member of Kappa Pi Pi, my barkada in college. Andy fetched me.

Just as we arrived, it was time for earth hour so they turned off the lights and lit the candles. Food was from Tokyo Tokyo.

There were some games. How well do you know Bangy? List items starting with "B" that describes or have something to do with Bangy. Both games, our table won. We had seaweed and chocolates as prizes.

There was an audio-visual presentation of Bangy's wedding. And another one of Bangy through the years.

People greeted Bangy and told a few anecdotes about him.

There were two cakes. One huge one with the letter B and one tall one from Conti's.

I reached home past 12 already.

I'm not used to sleeping late so I was not able to attend the graduation party of my best friend's son. I wasn't feeling well. Or I simply was too sleepy.

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