Sunday, March 7, 2010

Japanese Food!

I waited for an hour for my friend, Rexy. She promised to treat me out for my birthday (a belated treat).

It was well worth the wait! We went to Teriyaki Boy at Gateway. We ordered sukiyaki, hagedashi tofu, tuna sashimi, chicken teriyaki, and ebi tempura. When the waiter said "2 Gohan" I asked, what's Gohan? It meant rice. Ha ha.

Food trip! I texted mom to ask what she wanted. She said either chicken teriyaki or ebi tempura. So we ordered ebi tempura for her.

Rexy brought me home and even up to our condo. How kind of her! I feel so blessed to have such generous friends.

Today, I worked on three reports. All are quite easy.

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