Tuesday, June 22, 2010


At last! I'm done with my report among doctors. I have yet to write another report among patients, for the same client but the data/transcripts are not yet in.

On Thursday, I will be eating out for lunch with my US-based cousin and my sister. Choice of restaurant is Japanese. Yehey! My sister will be fetching me. Most likely, we will be eating at Teriyaki Boy in Gateway, unless my sister has other plans.

On Sunday, the three of us plus my mom, my aunt and a cousin (maybe a few more) will eat lunch at Gloria Maris. It is my aunt's 80th birthday. We will be staying in the fine dining section. Naks!

Tonight, I will be having instant noodles for dinner haha. And maybe, I shall eat some of the chicken salad that mom and I made this morning.

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