Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

I was at my Client's house before 9 am despite my "lack of sleep". So I was kinda sleepy while working. It's a good thing I was done by 3 pm.

They were able to call a cab for me. What's interesting was that the taxi driver remembered me! He picked me up somewhere in Cubao and said that I am a consultant. He said I looked the same. I wanted to ask, was I as pretty...or ugly? Ha ha ha. Because he was nice enough to recall me, I gave him a P30 tip.

From time to time, I ask myself: Why do readers bother to read my blog? I oftentimes write about shallow things or things that matter only to me. No world-shaking ideas, no mind-boggling thoughts. My intentions were clear. I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted to inspire. Sorry if I have failed to accomplish this many times in this blog. Let me try to make amends...

FYI, one maintenance medicine I need for my multiple myeloma is Thalidomide. But it has been out of stock for more than two weeks now. So, the question is, what are the consequences? Am I dying...again?

I don't feel death coming any time soon. I am confident that I have many more years to live. And I shall spend one day at a time - living simply, making many people happy, injecting humor and/or inspiration at every opportunity. It has been a beautiful life...and I intend to make it even more beautiful, with the help of God.

Tomorrow, we officially have a new president. Call him P-Noy (for President Noynoy) he says. What about Vice-President Binay, then? Should he be called V-Nay?

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