Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Light Feeling

I have this light feeling these days.

I think it started when I re-read my book, "Something to Thank About". Having an attitude of gratitude really helps in being happy and joyful.

Like yesterday started out "not right". I ate something for lunch which made me throw up. I felt dizzy so I lay down to sleep. I was deciding on whether or not to go to my Client.

After my nap, I felt better. I bought a cold, cold can of Coke Zero. I was able to get a cab right away.

And my work was waiting for me. It was a simple task of copying notes from flip charts and putting them into a powerpoint presentation. Easy! I was also asked to interview the three maids on their chores. I was paid for these two light jobs right away.

For merienda, I was given spaghetti and calamansi juice. For dinner, pork sinigang and fried tawilis. I especially loved the tawilis which I mistook to be dilis!

Then the driver brought me all the way home!

When I reached home, mom brought out the water and my medicines for me to drink. How sweet of her!

Today, I worked on another project. More difficult, yes, but I was able to do it.

Another client called up for consultation.

Mom and I made chicken salad. Delicious! It's made of elbow macaroni, mayonnaise, chicken breast, boiled egg, salt, cheese, pickle relish, pineapple chunks, and some sugar. My son loves it.

Simple things, little things make me happy.

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