Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Starting the Month Right

It's only February 1 and already, everything felt right today.

I was able to revise my report due for presentation tomorrow...just in time.

I went out with my balikbayan friend who is an avid reader of this blog. (That means I have to weigh my words carefully now.)

We first went to Serye in Quezon Memorial Circle. Nice place. Great food. Since we stayed for several hours we ordered a lot - pork barbecue, grilled salmon, lumpiang ubod, turon, sans rival, calamansi juice, Coke Zero, coffee and chocolate iced frappe. (We bought apple pie for my mom, too.) But too bad they didn't have their specialty - boneless crispy pata.

My friend tried to help me with my problem regarding my programmable calculator but alas, he couldn't figure out what's wrong either.

We were lucky enough to get a cab right away and we went to Bagoong Club.

The monggo with bulalo tasted good but I didn't like the binagoongan (I must have ordered something else before).

All the while we were together, we talked about a lot of things: family, work, health, finances, politics, economy, heaven, dreams, my blog, etc. etc. It seems there was so much to say to a friend who has been away for many years although we do correspond by email from time to time.

Thanks for a great time, friend!

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