Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, 2010!

I think I've had enough of lechon this season but tomorrow, we will still have lechon for our New Year family gettogether. I think I will just concentrate on my uncle's famous kaldereta.

I was thinking that I was able to eat practically all the food I love except kare-kare. Then, suddenly, last night, a family friend gave us kare-kare! She also sent us rellenong manok (stuffed chicken). It was still warm and oh how delicious!

So, it's the last day of the year. I had only two new year's resolutions if I remember right:

1) To be as loving as I can
2) To do the will of God

I tried to do these two as much as I can but I failed sometimes. Sorry, Lord.

It has been a good year altogether, not great, but good.

...I had a number of marketing research projects which brought some money in. Not enough but still something to give to my mom for expenses.

...I had a relapse of my multiple myeloma but only by 1%.

...I finished reading the Bible.

...I completed a script for a short movie.

...I rekindled friendships.

...I became closer to my mom and son.

...I wrote a book.

...I drew nearer to the Lord.

...I discovered Scrabble in FB.

...I gained friends in FB.

...I watched only one movie outside (with my son) but was able to view several movies at home.

...I think I have improved my writing style.

I grew a year older, hopefully wiser...but always, corny.

Goodbye, 2010! Welcome, 2011!

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