Friday, October 28, 2011

Down Memory Lane

My friend, Andy, posted photos of our barkada (gang) named Kappa Pi Pi fraternity [The girls were named NPN for "napagod na" sa "kapapaypay" hehe). Andy labeled the album "Photos of Nimia" which he borrowed from Olan. Last night, Olan texted me, "Hi nim. Have u seen d old kpp pics that andy posted on facebook? Some of those came from your album, which I scanned a long time ago. Andy kasi asked for a copy...ok lng b with u that he posted them on fb?

I answered, "Ok n ok. I lukd pretty n all f dem hehe."

And Olan said,"Cool! For a while, I got worried you wud mind...andy kasi, I told him not to post basta basta...yes, you wer pretty..."

Okay, so let's go down in memory lane (college years):

Here was how I looked back then.

In A.S....

Here, I was beside one of my boyfriends (partially covered):

Another boyfriend...

At a beach in Matabungkay.

A series of pictures of a "surprise" birthday party for me. How sweet!

Fina's debut...

At a party held in Fina's house.

Another party...

This is Olan, one of my closest, dearest friends. He is one of my son's ninongs (godfathers),
So, what's your verdict? Alas! My pretty days are long gone! (But at least, I don't feel ugly.)

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