Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Preparing for Reports

This week until end October (or early November) I will be writing three reports. I have already started preparing report templates. I am eager to start analyzing already. Three different studies, different objectives. How challenging and fun!

I am still having chest pains. Could just be heart burn. But at least, Tramadol, the pain killer prescribed for me seems to be working. I have difficulty walking and carrying stuff though so I move around like a zombie, hand to my chest.

I went to the hospital last Monday but turns out that the people administering treatment were all absent, their rest day. So, I just had a CBC, ate at the canteen, had a chest x-ray, and got my mom's MRI results.

Mom is now in the hospital, accompanied by my son. Hope her condition is nothing serious.

It's all quiet here. Am all alone. Just waiting for my lunch to arrive. Then maybe I will take a nap or play some games.

It is taking me ages to finish the book, "The Front" by Patricia Cornwell. It is dragging.

Oh well...

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