Friday, October 7, 2011

This Week

This week, I went to the hospital twice, revised a questionnaire a number of times, revised a report a number of times, submitted two papers to WriterBay, etc.

So here are the specifics.

Last Monday, we "hired" a friend to assist me at the hospital. She pushed my wheelchair, paid bills, bought food (lots of it) and waited with me. I had a battery of lab tests and she got the results. While waiting in the canteen, an elderly woman chatted with us. She, too, is sick with several ailments. Nice lady.

In the chemo room, the secretary had a problem. She had to sell her new Acer Aspire One Netbook for P15,000 because her son owed that much money. He may be in danger if he did not pay up soon. So kind-hearted me, looked for buyers, but to no avail. I decided to buy it myself. But my mom scolded me and got mad when she found out. We are not rich enough to afford such luxuries. I was able to borrow from my niece to meet the deadline, then a client was willing to lend the money in advance of projects and workshops in the future.

Back to the hospital story, we waited for my doctor. My lab results were all good except that my calcium is high. He asked me to see my hematologist who true enough, said that the high calcium is due to my multiple myeloma. She prescribed an injectible medicine which turned out to be expensive. It was delivered the next day. I had to go back to be administered with the medicine on Wednesday.

Still last Monday, I gave the driver a tip for his whole day service. He was able to do three other errands while waiting for us.

We had a wonderful dinner of adobong buto-buto cooked by my sister's maid. How heavenly delicious!

Then, on Wednesday, mom, the driver and I went to the hospital again. Me, to have my medicine administered. My mom saw her two doctors, and even had an MRI. I enjoyed my lunch of chicken with sauce (how descriptive!).

But I had a bum stomach. When we were in Mercury Drugstore, I could not help it anymore I begged the manager if I could use their CR. So there I went, just in time! The next thing I said after "thank you" was "do you have a medicine stronger than Immodium?" ha ha.

My ongoing projects are an employee opinion survey (hopefully the excel file I finished this morning is the last of Client's requirements), an online survey (questionnaire stage), a usage and attitude study (awaiting data tables for analysis), and a concept and price test (also waiting for tabulation to finish). Pending are a translation job, an FGD which might be converted to a quantitative study, another FGD (2 groups) for which I was asked to analyze, a collation job, and a few more.

I was able to finish my paper on punctuation, and a review of "A Rose for Emily". Fun!

My son immediately found use for our new netbook. He brought it to the office today to post pictures of the store of which he is the new branch manager. (It is his fifth branch already.)
He was sick this morning and even threw up. Hyperacidity. Good thing mom had medicine around. He was able to go to work.

After finishing my two rush jobs this morning, my friend's driver picked me up. We went to a client to get a check and I encashed it right away. My friend gave me a cane and people were kind enough to give me their number and a seat. I haven't sat for long when my number was called.

When we reached home, I bought six pieces of kwek-kwek.

Great week! And it is not completely over. One of my brothers is coming to visit us this Sunday. Something to look forward to.

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