Saturday, October 1, 2011

Of Typhoons, Projects, and a Party

Since my last post, strong typhoons had hit the Philippines. Much devastation in many places. People, including, children have died. No electricity. Makes me sad. I pray for those who have suffered and are still suffering because of storms.

On a happier note, the reason I haven't been able to blog is that I have been busy. With what?

- I applied for WriterBay. I had to take a grammar and citation style test (I got 27 out of 30) questions. I was asked to upload my college diploma (I asked my son to scan it for me) and I proudly uploaded it. And I was tasked to write a sample essay. So, at first, I researched and came up with an essay which was mostly second-hand information. But when I inquired, I was supposed to express my personal views on the topic which is: What are the reasons behind the success of long-running TV series like M.A.S.H. So, I watched a total of 8 episodes online and enjoyed it thoroughly. Soooh funny. I was able to revise my essay and got accepted! So far, I applied for three cases and finished one, which was immediately approved by client. Yey. Now I have another sideline!

- I revised the questionnaire for an online survey that has been approved. Later at 11am, I will meet with Clients in Makati.

- I came up with categories on the answers to open-ended questions for one of my ongoing projects.

For today and tomorrow, aside from my meeting, I will revise a report, attend to my writing assignment/s, and if I still have time, prepare a discussion guide for an FGD.

Yesterday, a friend came to visit but he couldn't stay long since he had an appointment with his dietitian. He underestimated traffic. I had to remind him it was Friday and payday. He was sweet enough to bring food from Red Ribbon - spaghetti and ensaymada.

Then in the evening, I attended a party in Makati. A friend based abroad is in town so members of our college gang got together. What fun! There were jokes, "alaskahan" (ridiculing of one another and even of friends who were not around) and light talk. Occasionally, we discussed serious matters like the government and taxes.

Food was great - pasta, salad, longganisa flakes, and roasted chicken. We also had two kinds of cake for dessert. Drinks were plentiful - softdrinks, water, beer and wine.

Of course, there was a lot of picture-taking.

Hope I would be able to post again soon. See ya!


  1. Great to hear you're busy, and enjoying parties, Nimia! Sorry we haven't been able to visit! Patsy from

  2. That's okay, Patsy. I know that it is almost Christmas and you guys are busy. Your prayers are enough.


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