Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Allergies and Work

My doctor prescribed Augmentin. I took it but began itching. I looked up Augmentin in the Internet and true enough, it contains Amoxycillin, the antibiotic I am allergic to. My doctor immediately texted me to tell me to discontinue taking Augmentin then prescribed three other medicines which serve as anti-allergy.

I am still not through with one of my reports because the data are not yet all in. Then for the other one, I am expected to write the report in 3 days's time. I can only laugh.

Yesterday, I spent quite some time contacting research agencies to quote for two studies to be conducted here in the Philippines. But it seems the timelines are impossible.

Boy, why do clients require deliverables "yesterday"? I can only laugh!

Tomorrow, we will be back to the hospital for my velcade treatment. My son had to take the day-off as he will assist me pushing my wheelchair, paying, etc. Mom is going with us since she has to go for her rehabilitation session.


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