Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Love Writing!

Yes, I love and enjoy writing! I hope that by reading this blog, it shows.

My meeting yesterday was fruitful. We discussed details of the project and changes in the questionnaire. I just ordered iced mocha (I don't know the spelling of "frappocino").

My client-friend and I were supposed to have lunch but since we were both busy, he just gave me lunch money. Mom and I ordered from Mcdo but they were late in coming.
For lunch today, my youngest brother and his family came to visit. They brought chicken and pancit Malabon. Yummy! I got to drink Coke Light.

Good news is my brother is interested in joining writerbay. I stand to earn 3% of his work if he gets accepted. Yey.

Here are more pictures from last night's party.

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