Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Purpose of Pain

Any doctor will tell you that pain is a sign or symptom that there is something wrong with your body. It is an EWD (early warning device).

Throughout the day and especially at night, I am in pain. But somehow, it has subsided from a high level of 8 to just about 5. I still have difficulty getting up from bed.

So, I offer my pain to those who are suffering and to sinners. I don't know but I have a particular concern for those who are not likely to be accepted in heaven should they die any time soon. I wish God will receive my sacrifice, my offering of pain to come to the aid of such sinners. That is one purpose of pain.

Yesterday, my older brother asked how we are. My second to the youngest brother sent P10,000 for financial aid. And my sister and her husband dropped by to bring dinner (adobong buto-buto, adobong pusit, and spaghetti. She also gave kisses with almonds to my son, rosquillos, and suman. How thoughtful my sister is!

I have been working on a long report but the data are slow in coming. We will just have to submit a partial report tomorrow. And the second part and Conclusions will have to wait till I have all data with me.

Tomorrow, I will be back to the hospital. My son will accompany me. Mom will come along for her rehabilitation session. (The good news is that she is well enough not to have a hot compress for her hips and feet. Thank You, Lord!)

I just got off the phone right now. My friend is also not feeling well. Her family must have caught some virus. Oh no, it's in the air!

That signals to me that I should wear a mask when I go out.

So, bye for now, dear reader! Till next time...

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