Sunday, July 5, 2009

30 day retreat

I "re-started" my 30 day retreat which Bo Sanchez is encouraging everyone to take.

I don't have marbles so I use colored paper clips for every day ( a total of 30) which i placed in a tin heart-shaped can. I put masking tape on top saying "My 30-day retreat". On the side, I wrote, "It's pure joy to be alive!"

I placed my yellow paper clip with smiley inside my duster's pocket. I kept touching it the whole day. I also kept squeezing a stress ball with smiley.

I wrote a list of things to do and I've cancelled out practically every item by now. My list looks like this:

...write three reports the newspaper

...hear mass (TV and Internet)

...listen to Bible Reflections

...pray Bible

...plan the week on other writing projects

...plan fundraisers up, email, and chat with friends extra loving to my mom and son

WOW! All that in one single day!

I just learned that multiple myeloma has no known cure. Velcade will only prolong my life.

And so I take this 30 day retreat from a perspective of a woman who is truly dying even as I hope that God will heal me completely.

So here is my short, short prayer:

I offer You this day
Every step of the way.

This, I have to say
It is bar none
A wonderful Day No. one!

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