Friday, July 24, 2009

An Entire Day "Wasted"

When there's little time left can there really be such thing as an entire day wasted?

From the perspective of, I should finish four reports and I am just now starting (beyond 12 midnight), yesterday was a total waste.

But as always, I shift gear, wear my "pink shades" or positive-thinking goggles then the day just past was not entirely wasted....

....I was with my mom practically the whole day at the Kidney Institute

....I have my period so I could not have a urinalysis

....We waited looooong for my internist to arrive and I fell asleep (glorious sleep!)

...We ate lunch....I ate sizzling tanique (delicious but I deliberately didn't finish it so I can have something left over for dinner)

....We had to go to another diagnostics center nearby to have a dopler ultrasound but the technician is only on duty twice a week

....We immediately got back to NKI to meet their 2 pm deadline...lucky me, I was accommodated

....I befriended the ultrasound guys and girls and they laughed when I asked one of them (with an American accent) "What State do you come from?" "Oh, the state of calamity!" We laughed again

....Good news! Seems like I don't have any blood clot but just plain water retention because of my steroids and my constant sitting position

....My friend shared half of her earnings from a transcription job and I was able to give some money to my son

....My son was able to buy a nice polo shirt and pants from Folded & Hung. He's going to work very soon as branch manager right away. (I'm proud of my son!)

....An analyst I trained just yesterday said she's ready to do one report already. So I sent her a trial report to write.

...Another friend is coming to be oriented maybe with another friend this Saturday.

...Two of my former students are willing to be my assistants in my many projects.

...And more!

See? Not bad for a "wasted" day huh?

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