Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank God I Have Limits

Sometimes I make decisions as if I were Superwoman, as I would live forever, as if I possessed super human powers...

A Messianic complex, that's what I have.

Wanting to save all the problems of the world.

Wanting to do so much, too much

Such that my health is already suffering.

It's taking it's toll.

Time to stop.

Time to pause.

Time to say, "I give up!"

I concede...I surrender...I am not God!

Lord, forgive me.

Show me the way.

Teach me how to say no.

Lead me to the best path.

Let me not travel too many roads at the same time.

Be my guide.

I am lost.

Help me find my way back to You.

For You ought to be the center of my life.

You are my True North.

You are Lord...I am just Nimia.

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