Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blessings for the Day

Today, my best friend and her mom visited me.

Before coming over, while they were still in Gateway, they texted me to ask what I wanted to eat. I said, "Anything." But in my mind, I wanted pasta.

True enough, when they arrived, they brought carbonara and spaghetti plus Coke Zero. We had merienda. Yahoo!

Then, Amy chose several shoes which I wanted to dispose of. I plan to give the other shoes she did not choose to my mom's masahista.

She gave me four lovely blouses for Christmas and New Year. They all fit. (Now, if I can just get rid of my big tummy.) She also gave mom a shawl.

When they left, mom arrived in a few minutes. She brought me a blouse for Christmas (she just came from Divisoria). She also brought food including dinner - mami and siopao from Ma Mon Luk, and castaƱas.

Thank You, Lord, for such wonderful blessings in one day!

Funny conversation for the day:

My mom and I just came from my hematologist yesterday.

Today, Mommy asked "What did the doctor say will happen if the medicine she prescribed for your cough did not work after six days?"

I said, "Sorry, I wasn't listening."

And my poor aging mom simply could not remember!

Ha ha. We're a hopeless pair!

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