Monday, October 18, 2010

Song for God

Today I was inspired to write the lyrics of a song for the Lord, entitled, "Song for My Lord and King". Here it is...

All glory be to You, my King

Highest praises to You I sing

For You have been a faithful God

During trials, You were my rod


Thank You, for blessings big or small

Thank You for Your love above all

Who am I that You care for me so?

To whom but You, I always go?

With every deed, and every word

May my life give You honor, Lord

Forgive me for times I hurt You

You always welcome me back, true!


When my life is over and done

I long to enter Your kingdom

Oh, to be with You without end

That is joy and bliss in heaven!

May be crude, but comes from the heart.

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