Thursday, October 28, 2010

A God of Surprises

I was feeling down today. I had only two projects this October. Not enough even for my medicines.

And then late this afternoon, I saw my Client online. I asked her about our project. She said she will just finish it due to lack of time. I don't have to work on it anymore (I was supposed to clear the report). And yet, she is willing to pay me the balance next week! Praise God!

Mom had a party today. She was supposed to take a cab. But then her classmate called up to say she will pick her up. So my mom was fetched early today. And somebody else brought her home. Not only that, they gave her fried rice and roasted chicken with garlic, which we had for dinner.

God is indeed a God of (pleasant) surprises!

I saw this in my inbox:

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