Monday, June 27, 2011

2 Funny Movies, 1 Book, and Visit to the Hospital

Work came in and ended Saturday. To reward myself, I watched television and was fortunate enough to view "Trading Places" a comedy starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. My brother came to visit and recognized the movie as a hit in the 80's. That's how old it is.

I also got to watch "Top Secret!" starring Val Kilmer. Funny, too, but I prefer the humor in "Trading Places".

Yesterday, my mom attended my aunt's birthday blowout at Josephine's in Tagaytay. After hearing TV mass, I got sleepy so I gave in to the temptation of lying down in bed to sleep. By lunch time, I couldn't get up at all! So I had to make do with Maxx's menthol candy (cherry flavor) and some galletas de patatas. I also used the time to finish reading "Shadow Fires". Nice book! Very thrilling from beginning till end.

Today, we went to the hospital. My son came along but he left at once to catch more sleep. I had some blood tests. I spent almost an hour in the CR to urinate but nothing came out. So, I had breakfast of lomi at the canteen and drank water. I was able to urinate in the chemo room and mom gave the sample urine for urinalysis.

I had to receive another medicine via IV for more than two hours. Mom brought me lunch of Wendy's bacon mushroom melt and Potato Corner sour cream flavor but I was not able to finish either one.

I received Velcade treatment. One of those under study said that three of those who were part of the study have already passed away. He has four daughters from grade 2 to fourth year high school.

Then mom and I went to my doctor's clinic. We waited awhile. I was able to pray my rosary. My lab results were good - either improved or within normal levels. Yehey. I can also feel less pain these days.

Praise God!

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