Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Better

Looks like my pain killers, Velcade and Recormon are working. I have much less pain these days although I still need assistance in rising from bed. Thank God!

I'm glad when mom goes out to spend time with her friends or relatives. She needs the "recreation". Today, she went to Greenhills with her sister, niece and grand-niece. They ate in a Chinese Restaurant. She said the food was delicious but did not order food for me because she did not want to carry it around while they went shopping. She bought espasol, puto seko, and tableya.

It is my son's day-off today. So, he cooked liempo for lunch. We had a little time for bonding. Then he left to watch a movie and help out in the store because they have a big sale tomorrow.

I used the time to read a book I started yesterday, "Deadly Grace" by Taylor Smith. Interesting. But I'm not half-way through yet.

I had some work yesterday but none today. So it really is rest day today.

I heard mass in the Internet. I was once more reminded to trust in God.

One of my projects was postponed till late July. I was supposed to do a report today and tomorrow. I hope more projects will come in.

I really enjoy watching "100 Days to Heaven". I hope it doesn't end anytime soon.

I might be visited by two marketing research friends this Saturday. I am looking forward to their visit.


  1. Sorry to hear you're in pain, Nimia. But I'm glad you're able to rest.

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