Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Second Home

I go often to the hospital, it's my second home! Ha ha

Yesterday, I went to the chemo room for my Velcade treatment. For lunch, we had Chinese food.

Today, we went back to the chemo room for blood transfusion. You see, although my platelets are up, my hemoglobin is done.

It took so long for one unit of blood to be used up.

My sister lent her car and driver. We got picked up. After mom dropped me off, she did some errands.

Turns out my sister had to use the car, too. So my mom was in a foul mood by the time we reached home. I learned to keep silent when she is in such a mood.

My sister keeps giving me food. Last Sunday, she brought barbecue, fresh and fried lumpia and chicken inasal.

Last night, my sister brought pancit palabok from Little Quiapo and Chicken a la King from KFC. For mom, she bought Nathaniel's puto and buchi. Sweet, sweet sister!

Work came in. Actually some revisions on a report I've done.
My report is due for writing end of this month. The presentation is due July 1. I feel bad because client had asked for a discount.

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  1. Hi Nimia, you don't seem to have a special diet. Can you eat anything?


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