Monday, June 20, 2011

And the Verdict?

We showed the x-ray results and that of my ultrasound to my hematologist. All my latest pains are simply due to my multiple myeloma. At least I don't have any new illness like thrombosis or whatever.

Yesterday morning, I wet our bed. Poor mom! She had to forego going to church. She later joined me to hear mass over the internet.

My sister and three of her kids came for a visit. They brought puto and kutsinta with niyog.
I was watching "Titatic". As requested by my mom, my sister brought bells for me to call my mom. One was placed beside my bed, the other in the bathroom.

It was raining heavily this yesterday and this morning. I thought my friend won't be able to come but she did come today. She brought Max's whole chicken and lomi, and French Baker raisin bread and pastries. So we were able to have dinner.

My friend and I had a good chat, going through Facebook pictures of her granddaughter. We talked about common friends, the future, my illness, etc. Nice visit!

I was able to watch my son's dvd of "Remember Me". Beautiful movie. Romance, family, drama, and tragedy. Robert Pattinson's acting was superb!

Some days ago, I finished reading "Paradox". Nice book but the ending is "bitin."

I asked my doctor what stage I am in, she confirmed I am still in Stage 3. With multiple myeloma, there is no stage 4. I checked in the internet, for stage 3, the prognosis or life expectancy is 29 months. Indeed, some of my doctors have died already just this year. But I am not scared. Either God will heal me, or extend my life. But should He decide to get me, I am ready anytime...except that I have to go to Confession.

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