Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Can I Do?

Last Monday, we went to my other home - the hospital.

I had some laboratory tests taken. I saw my two doctors.

My creatinine is up, my hemoglobin remains low, and there is the extreme pain on my left leg or hip joint to be particular plus pain on my right breast.

Both my doctors recommended X-ray and ultrasound. They also took me off certain medicines including Thalidomide which may have caused the pain.

So today, I, my mom and son went early to the hospital. My son was very helpful in carrying me so I can lie down for x-ray and ultrasound.

We were the first in line for the x-ray. Then, I went for ultrasound and they used a brand new equipment. The doctor said this was a sort of inaugural use of the machine - only on its fourth day. They had an expert in Singapore to help.

There were times when I was asked to make "iri" (as if I was moving my bowels). I said to the doctors, "Careful about asking me to make iri. I feel like farting". They all laughed.

After lunch and sleeping, I called up a sister-friend in community. She adviced me to call up certain people to tell them my condition, and to find out how they are.

I am expecting some people to visit. Yey. I love seeing friends. My going out is very limited to the hospital these days.
I just read in Yahoo of a lotto winner abroad who is on dialysis but intends to give away part of his winnings to the poor?

How I wish I can help the needy financially but I am not able to do so. One of my frustrations.

So I can think of two ministries - prayer for others and this blog site. I hope God will use my writing skills to greater use.

My prayer is: "Lord, please use me. I want to be of help to others as much as I can. I know that you did not create me to be useless. Here I am, Lord, willing to be used by You as an instrument of love and joy."

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