Saturday, June 18, 2011

Each Step, a Thank You

These days, each step I take is a victory and I silently pray, "Thank You, Lord". Similarly when...

...I am able to sit down

...I am able to stand up

...I am able lie down

...I am able to rise from bed

...I am able to go to the bathroom and relieve myself

...I am able to take a bath

...and more! Praise God!

I will again be receiving visitors instead of going out. Last night, three Maryknoller friends dropped by. They brought taho, fresh lumpia, guyabano and bananas. It was such a delight to see them! One showed pictures from her laptop. Too bad they could not stay long because they will visit another batchmate who has cancer.

Next Thursday, I will have another set of visitors. This time, sisters from community. I'm sure they will pray over me.

All I have to do is text or call my close friends and they will come over. What are friends for?

My chatmate said that I may be enjoying the attention. Maybe so, maybe so. But isn't that a very human desire? I never said I was perfect. All I know that seeing my friends make me happy.

Here are a couple of jokes I cracked yesterday.

1) Use seizure in a sentence.
I like walking by the seizure.

2) Anong presa ang hindi inaasahan?
Edi sor-presa!

He he
Today, my aunt and uncle and a friend of theirs visited me and my mom. They stayed for over an hour. I particularly entertained them while mom was dressing up and putting on make-up. My aunt brought guava. Yehey.

Recently, I watched part of "Bewitched" on cable TV, starring Nicole Kidman and Will Farrel. Funny movie.

I had fun coloring my coloring books yesterday. As well as answering crossword puzzles online.

It's a wonderful world! I love that song so much I made it my ringtone for my cellphone.

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  1. I miss talking to you Nimia my friend!


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