Saturday, June 11, 2011

Old Movies

Recently, I watched two favorite movies for the nth time - "Slumdog Millionnaire" and "Facing the Giants".

Why do I keep watching these movies? Aside from the fact that they are among the few working DVDs I own, I love their stories. "Slumdog Millionnaire" is about undying love, mixed with humor and suspense. "Facing the Giants" is about faith against all odds.

I'm reading a book entitled "Paradox". A suspense thriller with romance in it, written by Echo Heron. Interesting book. I'm almost half-way through.

I am crazy over Maxx menthol candies. I am eating different variants - honey-mansi, honey and cherry. I have to watch my sugar though.

My friend bought a franchise for Itlog on a Stick. Hope it sells well. She promised to bring me some of her products.

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