Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's confirmed. I do have a relapse but only to a small degree. Since we really can't afford the expensive medicine, we will just continue with my maintenance meds.

I am in great pain so I can hardly do anything in the house - not even to get water or wash the dishes. Poor mom. It's a good thing the pain killer I am taking is strong enough.

Concerned family and friends have been calling and texting and mom and I have updated them. Bless them.

Oh boy, the pain is painful, the hurt is hurtful, the torture is torturous...but the worst part is being a burden to my loved ones.

I just finished two reports. I might have an FGD project but I am thinking of passing on the moderating to a friend and I will just do the analysis.

So somebody has finally won the P300+ million jackpot in the grand lotto who lives in the squatters area. They immediately left the place and went to the province. Wise move!

I gained back some weight but at least I am in the 130's.

Yesterday, I had diarrhea. I took Immodium. Then at 2 am, my tummy ached so mom gave me Buscopan.

Some good news, I have two "fans" in the hospital. My mom is fond of talking to people seated beside her. Two women told her I look pretty. Ha ha.

Another good news, a client insisted that I present the results of a project. They said they liked the way I present.

Oh well, you take the good with the bad, mix them together and things are not all that bad.

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