Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Days Are Long

Yep, the days seem long because I have no work. I will be doing some tabulation of 150 questionnaires next week. Looking forward to it.

I watched "Everybody's Fine", starring Robert de Niro. Nice movie.

I finished reading "In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner" by Elizabeth George. Good book.

My sister is back from Australia but I haven't heard from her.

I might watch another movie tonight. Or, I could start reading another book - by Robert Ludlum.

I have cough and cold. I'm taking Solmux along with my other medicines. Hope I don't catch pneumonia again.

I asked mom to cook binagoongan for me. But I puked after the first bite. Then, I requested monggo with danggit. Was able to eat it without throwing up. Mom also bought Lapid's chicharon. Yey.

Mom went to a lunch party today. She brought home some churros with chocolate.

I need to see a priest for Confession. Sinful me.

My son's best friend is due home soon. He is finally through with his studies. I think they are planning to put up a business, maybe a farm. Not sure if that's a wise decision.

I have several pledges of visits from friends. Can't wait to see them.

The new Diagnostic Center at the hospital is due to open on Monday. I might go there for my Velcade treatment. But the blood tests will remain as they are, with the laboratory on the first floor.

I have been chatting with friends at FB. Good use of my time.

Discovered a singer on YouTube as recommended by a friend. Her name is Adele, an English. Great singing voice. One can easily overlook her being overweight.

I keep playing online scrabble at I win about 80% of the time. I play against robots or the computer. I have yet to come back to play scrabble against humans at FB.

The pain is so much less these days. I still use the swivel chair to go about but I can now stand up longer.

It is my father's birthday on July 24. I hope we will have a family gettogether.

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